How many times have you vowed to improve your self discipline, only to find yourself failing?

Self discipline is ultimately a state of the mind. If you want to train yourself to be more disciplined, you have to shift your mindset and see the world in a new light. Here’s some tips

  1. Make a genuine commitment to being a disciplined person.
  2. Be honest about your weaknesses, distractions, and any habits that might knock you off your course.
  3. Make a realistic plan. Write it down, or share it with a friend who will help you to be accountable.
  4. Design your day to avoid those temptations that will likely undermine your self discipline.
  5. If necessary, change your routine.
  6. Reward yourself for small steps in the right direction.
  7. Although you are aiming to make change a habit, accept that there are likely to be times when you fail – and if you do, just move on as you can always start again.

This doesn’t mean you need some sort of life defining epiphany. Even subtle changes in the way you think can dramatically increase your behavior and help you spend less time doing things you don’t really want to do and more time accomplishing your goals.

But remember! Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.

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  1. I knew I had attained self-discipline when I continued to honor my New Year’s Resolution not to support those writers on who don’t support my writings, but gladly accept my comments on their content and they are takers and not givers, and I gladly support givers and not takers.


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