I visualize God as a limitless Ocean of infinite, sparkling, colorful Light whose unconditional Love and beautiful Sound (once it surrounds you) makes you feel completely whole and blissful.

There really can be no precise or reasonable human explanation for this feeling. All I can say is that being in the presence of God totally encompasses everything that is good and wonderful you have ever wanted to know or experience, And once fully in The Presence, there is no other place you will want to be.

You may do your things successfully, but doing it in God helps you to travel more successfully and in peace

O Lord, may I get lost in presence and may your LOVE consume my heart so that I will not feel the pain of this wicked world. Demonic attack is real but our victory in Christ Jesus is realer

Fly unlimited


  1. Such a Beautiful visual of the all encompassing love and compassion God is!!!!!!! LOVED THIS! I visualize God as an ever present source of light, strength and hope that no matter what will forever remain faithful to His promises. Blessings Always.

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