Your mindsets play a significant role in determining the realization of your dreams and your ability to overcome. The ego is always a negative influence. Negative ego is the cause of unhappiness and misery.

There was a man that was very rich in wealth, well Educated and prideful to an extent when he saw people going to church for a worship, he think it is because they have no job or nothing doing and he has no regard for human being or show kind, he hated gospel preachers most and was no kind to the less privilege,

One day he failed sick that has no medical expression, gradually he sold all he have and use the money to invite all the superhuman in medical field, they do all their medical experiment but to no avail, it got to and extend that the man was decaying, and no one like to go close to him because of his ill gotten manner.

One day he wrote to a man of God he never show kind to and said, I have discovered that everything will pass away but God remains, please I need God in my life, come and introduce him to me for I BELIEVE in his loving kindness to be healed, The man of God went and gave him Christ Jesus and he got healed,

Never let EGO to overtake you that you have no regard to God or human. The first may become the last and the last first, always be kind and do to other what you would want them to do for you.

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