You may not know that laziness is a destroyer of destiny until it convert you into a poverty state and deny you becoming what is in your passion to become. I have come across many who said that their passion in life is to be a medical practitioner but they are not opportune to go to school and they end up as laborer. Laziness is sweet in the body in the donjon of comfort zone, but the consequence is indolence and dining you who you supposed to be.

People become lazy when they know there is someone to do their work. In other words, those without mental toughness might give up easily when faced with an obstacle and become “lazy” because they simply isn’t a good enough reason to confront the difficulties and struggle.

However, when you have a genuine reason to work hard, no matter what distractions and hardships come your way, your internal conviction and motivation will drive you to do what’s necessary to achieve your goal.

But before you accept laziness, do yourself a favor to go to lazy peoples places to observe wisdom and see what your life will look like before you decide to be one. But hear me”Laziness is a destroyer of life and destiny. Lazy people are not active people. Lazy people are not smart people. Through laziness, time is wasted and destinies are ruined.

A lazy person has no deadline and when there is no deadline, there is no headline. Lazy people do not make headlines for positive and impactful news in life. That is why the lifestyle of idleness and laziness must be totally dealt with.

An old mountaineer and his wife were sitting in front of the fireplace one evening taking life easy. After a long silence, the wife said, Jed, I think it’s raining. Why don’t you get up and go outside and see? The old mountaineer continued to gaze into the fire for a while, sighed and then said, “Aw, Ma, why don’t we just call in the dog and see if he’s wet, That’s what you call the height of laziness.

I wouldn’t want to say that we are downright lazy, but we all have a lazy streak in us, If you’re too lazy to open and read your Bible, If you are too lazy to strategies to get away from poverty state, if you’re too lazy to pray and and take dominion and be thankful to God, If you’re too lazy to read and meditate scriptures, You Are In A Big Trouble!

Laziness is a good indicator that you’re slipping away from the hands of God, May I ask you a question, who do want to be outside God that too lazy to serve Him or to pray.

How to break this laziness in you? Always remember that their’s a time your bones will no longer be strong to do some certain things. I think when you remember that old age season, it will motivate you to take action now.

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