Clearly, the prophetic anointing manifests in diverse ways. All arise from the same Holy Spirit, who gives as He wills. With this in mind, a warning is in order, There is a deadly poison that can kill our ministry and our ability to walk in our anointing

The poison of covetousness. Comparing ourselves to someone else and wanting what they have, produces death. Envy is insidiously destructive. Anger, addictions, and adultery are all overt sins. But you can hide envy. Yet, God can see it. He knows it will impact others, too.

Envy denies your uniqueness before God. The Lord never, ever makes a clone, only individuals. When you try to be someone else, whether it’s preaching like someone else, leading like someone else, growing your ministry like someone else, you’re denying the unique manner in which God made you. That’s dangerous and unwise.

It’s also a rejection of how God made you, and an insult to Him. We should never judge or evaluate our anointing by someone else’s anointing. It is vitally important to avoid jealousy and insecurity.

God has plenty of anointing to go around. Let’s be satisfied to seek our own calling and walk in our own anointing and direction. The antidote to this poison is to learn to walk in accountability with others, cultivating faithfulness while giving ourselves to the unique expression of grace that God has imparted to each of us.

Sometimes we are prone to allow ourselves to be hindered by rejection, criticism, legalistic traditions, and the restrictive yokes and molds of others’ unrealistic and erroneous expectations.

The Holy Spirit will help us and liberate us to be unique and varied expressions of His wonderful prophetic presence and yet walk circumspectly with integrity within the church.

When we are satisfied with our own calling, we acknowledge certain aspects of God’s character. What are some of these? How does faith come into play in order to walk in our own anointing?

Get to know the Holy Spirit and how to interact with Him on a daily basis. Learn to enter God’s presence and hear His voice clearly for yourself! Go deeper in your faith with Life in the Spirit and change your life and destiny. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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  1. I loved everything about this truth filled article!!!!!! So many good points how we should not live in the shadow of another when God has called us to serve Him and has equipped each of us uniquely with the gift’s of His Holy Spirit. Stay strong in the Lord.

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