Over 2500 years ago, a majority of the Nation of Israel was exiled from the Promised Land. They are known as the Lost Tribes of Israel or 10 Lost Tribes. Even today, thousands of years later, there are communities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India that keep ancient traditions that are found in the Torah. Through thousands of years, people surly intermarried outside of these communities and the number of people with ancestral connections to the Tribes of Israel is easily estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.

In the days of the Final Redemption, we know that the Nation of Israel will be liberated from all their oppressors, the Third Temple will be rebuilt, and all humanity will be uplifted and redeemed. But, where do these ancestors of the Lost Tribes fit into the picture? The Ten Lost Tribes will be joined to the complete Nation of Israel, with all its 12 tribes.

The Hebrew Bible is filled with prophecies and assurances that none of God’s Nation will be left behind and that all of Israel will be reunited and redeemed. There will be an awakening of Israel from among the nations, and the Holy Souls will rise to their destiny and rejoin their Nation to be united.

How will this all happen? In part, it depends on us. The inner work we do affects the consciousness of the entire earth and will affect our brethren across the world to discover their true selves and the root of their souls.

The Igbo called Biafra today are one of Nigeria’s largest ethnic groups with population estimates ranging from 20 to 50 million are with convinced that the Igbo’s ancestors were Jews.

Igbos are the children of Gad that was among those people who went out of Israel to exile,” “So from there he had a son called Eri and a son gave birth to a son called Aguleri and that’s how the Igbo race began.”

Gad (Hebrew: גָּד‎, Modern: Gad, Tiberian: Gāḏ, “luck”) was, according to the Book of Genesis, the first son of Jacob and Zilpah, the seventh of Jacob overall, and the founder of the Israelite tribe of Gad. … The text of the Book of Genesis implies that the name of Gad means luck/fortunate, in Hebrew.

From generation to generation, some Igbo have passed down various versions of a migration story framed around Jacob, a patriarch of Judaism. A popular version of the narrative holds that Gad, the seventh son of Jacob, had three sons who settled in present-day southeastern Nigeria, which is predominantly inhabited by the Igbo. Those sons, Eri, Arodi and Areli (as mentioned in the book of Genesis), are said to have fathered clans, established kingdoms and founded towns still in existence in southeastern Nigeria today, including Owerri, Umuleri, Arochukwu and Aguleri.

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Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka Eri, the king of a community in Aguleri, claims he presides over the throne of Gad’s son, Eri. Wearing a white shirt with the Star of David, though star of Solomon stitched on the front, King Eri points to a calendar on the wall of His palace that lists the names of his 33 predecessors Israelites and Igbos are brothers.

Igbos are the Jews of west Africa, they are descendants of at least one of Israel’s lost tribes in the eighth century B.C the Assyrians invaded Israel’s northern kingdom forcing 10 tribes into exile.

British copied the Star of David from us and put it in Nigerian flag when they came to colonize us and later remove it to hide our identity. Confirmed in Wikipedia.

The Flag of Nigeria between 1914 and 1960 was a British blue ensign with a green Star of Davidsurrounding a Tudor Crown (later changed to a St Edward’s Crown in 1953)[1] with the white word “Nigeria” under it on a red disc. It was adopted by the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria following the amalgamation of the Southern Nigeria Protectorateand Northern Nigeria Protectorate.

More details on Igbos coming from gad



  1. Such in depth study you have presented here. Gods chosen people Israel are made up of many tribes through our Father Abraham “The father of many nations” This was such an enlightening read. God Bless You.

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  2. Sorry, you still didn’t manage to make your point. You didn’t state any factual reason why the Igbos in particular are believed to be descendants of Gad. You only kept repeating your title over and over again. The real descendants of Gad could very well be domiciled in Ghana. I understand the weird need to want to affix yourself to some other country(probably because you feel they are superior) but the least you could do is to bring your facts correctly.

    Also, what’s with that bogus quote you put there. Gad had a child named Aguleri?? Are you serious.

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