A snake can shed it’s skin but will always be a snake. Remember that before sharing your secret to anyone outside your mentor. Intruders are smart enough to know peoples secret.

I regret to tell you sometimes, it’s the same people that tell you more grace are the people who will come after you when the grace increases

Are you a victim like i was once are? When people mess with your emotions, they mess with your heart. It hurts when people belittle your dreams. It is quite depressing when your friends hypnotize you. No secret is safe when you get to the net of snake in the monkey shadow kind of friends.

Gossipers has name compare to those who pretend to be your friends but they are giving you extra knifecut at your back. This person is not concerned with loyalty. Intruder as friend won’t be your cheerleader when things are going smoothly, but when you’re suffering, he is the first person rushing to your side to hear your sob story.

He seems to be looking for a confidence boost, and may actually enjoy hearing about how badly your life is going. Because he is suffering from inferiority complex. Judgmental friend, you probably feel weighed down after hanging out with him or her. Your happiness seems to be offensive to him, to the point that he feels like he needs to take it from you. He sees in your growth his own stagnancy.

I have a story of a friend who…, discover the story in my book!


  1. We must be on guard at all times for the worst enemy in our life comes across as our best friend. A hard lesson to learn, but a most needful one if we are to succeed in this life. Stay strong God is on the throne and all is under His watchful eyes. Blessings.

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    • Being on guard is better than facing the future with fear, as whatever that happens in our life struggles is product of growth because Struggle is built into the nature of life, a hero is the man who lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing the values he has chosen… “The ideal of life is Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience” according to Mark Twain

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