Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

1. Eagle is a champion among all the bird, those with eagle kind of faith remains champion_”DivineRoyalty”.

2. Those who are looking for free things or someone who will take over their responsibility will always adapt to unpleasant conditions

3. You are divinely programmed to manage life not life managing you. Take responsibility

4. You can’t be too rude and expect things to be working. Apply strategy that will keep grace at work and things will go well with you._”Divine-Royalty”

5. Your character may delay your blessing, stay humble and be at peace with all men

6. A hero is someone who make a history, rather than merely watch it flow like idodo river in my home town Owo._”:Divine-Royalty”

7. Lions don’t have the same mindset with sheeps. Lions are leaders, sheeps are followers._”Divine-Royalty”

8. No matter how good you are, as long as you are from the country of atrocities, you will always be considered as one_”Divine-Royalty”

9. Your ignorant can limit your grace. Grace need wisdom and hard work to prosper._”Divine-Royalty”

10. The mediocre minded of a foolish person makes him or her see things negative, talk negative and act negative_”Divine-Royalty”

11. Poverty is enemy of glorious destiny _”Divine-Royalty”

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