The weakness of our hunger for God is not because He is unsavoury, but because we “keep ourselves stuffed with other things


We all tend to get caught up in the busyness of this world. As if we’re going to live on this earth forever.

And do you know what’s scary about it?

We’re too busy that we don’t even realize it. Until something painful happens that wakes us up from our spiritual slumber.

My brethren, there’s nothing wrong in desiring a better life for yourself and your family. Just don’t let your job, family, or anything to hinder the growth of your faith in God.

Read, the word of God always, it’s the Oracle of wisdom and meditate it regularly or you will be memorizing your problems, worries and anxiety.

Pray always even without season. A prayer warrior is a champion and can never be mess with.

Someone who can pray can never be the same with someone who cannot pray. Once there’s a mouth to pray, there’s a God to answer

Speed answer of prayer: the secret of speed answer of prayer is being a good person. You can call it righteousness.

Your character is the first chapter in the book of knowledge. It can hinder you and it can make a way for you

My quote says: Good character is like a golden necklace, you become prettier when you wear it,_”Divine-Royalty”

Author unknown said: Bad character is like a flat Tyire, you cannot move unless you change it.

Work hard, once you apply with this principle and work hard with vision, I can grantee you that success will be your good friend

Be charitable, you are bless to be a blessing. If you are bless and your blessings are not blessings other, you are unimportant to God.

Be guided with wisdom in being philanthropist, sponsoring lazy people is not helping people. God give you brain so that he can have rest

How will you feel after cultivating in your farm in the time of harvesting, you see nothing to harvest. No wonder Jesus course the fig-tree

You are the seed of your parents, never let them to suffer in the time of their harvest especially when their bones are no longer strong to avoid Gods anger

Make God your first priority and all will go well for you! You are divinely wired for success. Wisdom is profitable to direct

Fly unlimited


  1. “Being motivated with aspiration guarantees you will be successful
    long before you expire as is God’s
    gift to you if you serve God!” _-Van Prince

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