If prayer is what provoke God to action, why can’t we make it point of duty?

Is it not ignorant when someone have challenges of life, the person goes about complaining to people without consulting God about the situation?. To my understanding of life, people who goes out to face life challenges get more help than those who complain around because intelligent people hate to sponsor lazy people. So, don’t also use prayer to replace laziness

Who is Inference You

It’s obvious we keep letting those who have no reference to God influence us. Those who are molary bankrupt which we keep as friends will definitely rub off their ways of life and their odds ways of solving problems, how can a Christian meet with someone discussing till eternity without referencing God in prayer and you expect things to fall in place, how can you engage in watching movie and it consume your day without talking to God in prayer

How can you be enjoying your bed sleeping all through the night while the evil doers are busy with their eyes wide open doing their incantations and taking dominion, and in the morning, you jump out from bed to solve a spiritual manifested problems without killing it in prayer. Generation who are seeking for signs and wonders without effort.

I am sure you know that you cannot do everything to yourself and that is why you need God. I discover that God can hardly speak, and When he speaks, he is limited to his word until it comes to pass because he can not lie, and it is only through prayer that you can provoke God to speak or act, why then do we give in to laziness or allowing the challenges of life to weight us down.

Are you happy with the way you are now. If you are not, you have to be angry at it. It is positive anger that led to change! You are not the way you supposed to be because you have refuse to acts. if you don’t desire for a change and act on it, it will not come, go out of your comfort zone, and give boundary to those people who is distracting you and stay focus. Pray as if everything depend on God and work as if everything depend on you. Eagle flies and you will succeed


Father in heaven, Elohim is your name, I destroy every form of laziness that may reduce my productivity and unleashing my potential. Every laziness at the edge of breakthrough. Every form of laziness at the edge of success, I come against them by the blood of the lamb. Lord Jesus, I seek your spiritual strength to stay strong in every task. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Fly unlimited


  1. “Those who are to lazy to pray won’t be a success story;
    only those who pray will have their prayers answered by God;
    it is through prayers that our success is manifested by serving God!” _-Van Prince

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  2. Loved This! So many opportunities are lost for having not taking the situation first to God in prayer. I suppose us humans are wired that way that we can do everything ourselves….. But Oh how many mountains can be moved through prayer. Blessings Always.

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  3. Every part of our life is an opportunity to invite God in. Can be easy to segment out parts of our life as separate to Him. But when we pray, lay all parts of our life down to God, we will be filled with more than we could ever ask!

    Thank you for sharing this.

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