Many people face shyness when they newly start, just like me. But the results will be your motivation that will help you to conquer it. On like going to gym, it’s very painful for a start but when you achieve good fitness, the compliments will be your motivation. So put up your best. You must know that nothing is easy for a start. But you must understand that the only path toward confidence is to do what frightens you.

Ego or inferiority complex is the cause of shyness, if not meet a counselor. Shyness can ruin good opportunities and that is more reason for you to stand up to overcome it. These steps may help you to conquer shyness in public speaking

  1. Know your topic and get organized
  2. Build metal strong and say something like I am created for this. I am divinely wired to do this and it’s in my DNA.
  3. Practice, and then practice some more to be the master of word
  4. Challenge specific worries. Dress well, keep yourself in good mood. It will boast your confidence
  5. Visualize your success and say something like I am go to make God proud today
  6. Don’t look at in the eyes of audience in the beginning until you get transformed
  7. Focus on your material, (‘I.e’ the topic you jot down) not on your audience.
  8. Don’t fear a moment of silence.
  9. Fasting can bring your ego down and enhances your morale, so be humble and Stay calm
  10. Don’t be afraid of mistake. Mistake are allowed
  11. Stay away from sin because it will mess up your confidence
  12. Do not listen to everyone, some people will destroy your confidence with message of pride. Listen to those who inspire you and motivate you
  13. Spoken words are a very powerful thing, and we have a great opportunity to replace negative words that we’ve been repeating over and over with positivity ones. The more you say you’re shy, chances are, the more shy you’ll become. Replacing words like, “I am shy” with “I am learning to be confident” or “I’m a failure” with “I can do this” can go a long way in moving from shyness to confidence.

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  1. Introverts who are creative in innovating masterpieces are usually shy people,
    and lack the courage and confidence to speak in public what the created in private
    as opposed to extroverts who are out going and have no fear of public speaking!

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    • Speech uses tone groups, and a tone group can convey only one idea. Writing uses sentences, and a sentence can contain several ideas. A fundamental difference between casual speech and writing is that speech is spontaneous whereas writing is planned. Repetition is usually found in speech.


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