If really you are of God, no false news against you can destroy you, gossipers may berry you in the grave, but on the third day, you will rise again in glory, keep expanding your muscles in God

Here’s some Quote that will remind, encourage, inspire, and motivate you in our struggle

  1. Forgive weakness and cutoff wickedness. Your ability to discover weakness and wickedness makes you a wise man/woman~”DivineRoyalty”
  2. Those who hate knowledge are lovers of ignorant. They enjoy doing stupid things
  3. “Your brain is the boss of your body and your thoughts is the boss of your actions”_”Divine-Royalty.
  4. To romance anointing with iniquity is to put yourself in a great danger
  5. Wisdom usher in repentance that introduce fear of God, but inonentity has no reference to his creator
  6. A single man who is castigating a married man over family issues should wait until he certainly get to that level of life.~”DivineRoyalty”
  7. A foolish man tell a nagging woman to stop taking rubbish, but a wise man tell a nagging woman you look more beautiful when you close your mouth_”Divine-Royalty”

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