Deformation grows fat when the presence of God is missing, I might be sounding lunaticly to you but when you get there, you will know that there is no joy outside His presence.

Your mind may be filled with confusion and worry, and you can’t seem to hear God’s voice. Your financial circumstances are dismal, and there’s no miracle on the horizon.

Your marriage is in trouble, and your prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling. Sickness or grief or pain characterize your days, and God seems nowhere to be found. Your soul is dry. If only you could feel Him with you it would make everything better.

If you’ve been a Christian for very long, you can almost certainly relate to those feelings. Your head may believe what God says, but your heart craves to sense His presence when things get tough.

You want to hear His voice telling you what to do next. You want to feel His comfort for your aching soul. You want Him to bring you relief and reassurance and refreshing.

Cutoff Any Distraction

Distraction is a smart operator, destructive is a smooth instructor. It advises you to remain in your comfort zone until things get out hand.

How can you miss your day of communion with God and be comfortable about it. When one is in love, he or she can’t go to bed sleeping without hearing that enchanting voice

Let no one stop your fellowship with God. And if anyone stops you because he/she is in power, do not abandon your personal communion with God, I am saying this bass on experience. If you stay focus, you will champion every situation and come out as a champion

don’t cares to know the rank the person is operating in the church romancing you with obedient, because there a lot of ill gotten manners in leadership today.

To be obedient is not at this order, Shadrack, Mesharck and abadenigo disobeyed such an order and God become the fourth man in their fire, if you are not radical to know what you want and fight for it.

People will confuse you. convince you and convert you to whom they are, inability to remain focus will make you a lukewarm, inability to unite together can cause group. Family damages, God gave you authority to take dominion over what he create not over people, I am too jealous of being in God’s presence and no man, no woman, nothing can succeed taking it away from me.

When soul was rejected as King, God told him and he became desperate and die, judging whom God has not condemn wrongly out of grievance and desperation can cause a radical deserter.

Have you allowed any interference to disrupt your connection with God? Have you been resisting anything the Holy Spirit has been trying to change in your life? Rebellion or cherished sin in your heart can certainly block your sense of God’s presence and God’s answer

Your feelings do not determine whether or not God is with you. It’s awesome to sense His presence, but it becomes a matter of spiritual maturity to maintain your faith even when the feelings aren’t there. As the saying goes, the sun is still shining even when you cannot see it. Jesus has promised, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5) Choosing to believe regardless of your feelings is part of passing the test.

The sun raises not to be a mediocre, but to shine

Fly unlimited


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