It’s obvious many are still holding the ugly pass while future are smiling before them

Do your best to stop mourning yesterday because there’s no road going to yesterday?, There is absolutely no way to change your past. It is over, gone, pass-bye and never to return. The reason why the brighter futures has not come is that you are still occupied with the ugly past. I can perceive the future smiling but there’s no space for it to come in

It is true that you are wounded, hurt, failed and humiliated, but you won’t continue like this, Let it go, See this, (When we are tried of the future, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago) Do not look back and stay focus. Keep going forward. Live your life in the here and now. Forget it. You cannot in no way change your past.

I am sorry to tell you that yesterday have left you and you are still holding it, but it is true. There are no time machines to take you back, no magic spell will correct a past mistake, and no genie is going to appear and grant you the wish of changing your past. Lift up your eye and see far beyond, your future is blessings filled,

Fly unlimited


  1. I’ve been doing this a fair bit lately, looking back on mistakes or where things didn’t turn out as I’d hoped they would. This blinds me to the possibilities of the future and making decisions on the now.

    Thank you for sharing this.

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