Saul! Saul!! Why are you persecuting ME

Those who are Spiritual empty head has no passion about the place of worship, They are busybodies presenting themselves to be an Angel but causing confusion to the gathering of the eagle

They spend time buying people into friendship with gossip and false rumor out of jealousy without minding the damage it can cause in the body of Christ.

They are Lazy set of people who don’t care about the gaps they are created to occupy fulfill to actualize the purpose of God in their life, instead. They hold the outward for of godliness

Beware of mind pollution you that have burning desire with the zeal of God’s LOVE, be vigilant because the enemy the devil is moving like the lion. Seeking for soul to devour.

Denying you joy and love in a place of worship is another form of negative energy, while Brotherly love is like anointing oil that is provoking peace and harmony which attracts prosperity

Negative energy can be found everywhere; it’s in the things people do, the things they say, the bad habits they form and all the things they complain about. There’s no immunity to negativity and if you aren’t careful, the negativity of people will affect you.

Putting a boundary with people that will destroy you is like resist the devil on time because prevention is better than cure, while a stitching time saves nine

When you are spiritual sound, you will be sound in your endeavors.

Fly unlimited


  1. Very good writing!……… The body of Christ it seems is always changing to suit people, but the true body of believer’s know the damage being inflicted on the body of Christ and can see the wolf coming into the fold. Stay Strong and courageous Always.

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