Often, those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks, or who they are, Conflicts have always plagued the church. Members fighting against members. Leaders fighting against leaders. Churches fighting churches. James recognizes the devastating effect of church fights. More importantly, he helps us understand what is happening inside a Christian who chooses to battle other Christians

When we fight in church, we are Dominated by selfish desires that introduces uninspired teaching, that is the reason why people climb the pulpit and always campaigning about their church instead of God’s word, Paul said I think I preach to you Jesus Christ crucify, James traces all prolonged fighting and flare-ups to an individual pursuit of self-gratification, My opponent is not my greatest enemy. The real enemy is within,

Common indicators of this problem include, Hidden quarrel among believers get it’s power from, Party Spirit, Persons with this attitude measure opponents only in terms of their ideas. As a consequence, they will quickly sacrifice relationships in pursuit of their objective, In contrast, the New Testament prioritizes relationships in the church, Wrong Approach,

Political Methods, Parliamentary procedures and political machinations are poor substitutes for prayerful conversations when working out a problem, Wrong Aim, Personal Promotion. Rather than lifting up the Lord, fighting is often a poorly-masked attempt to elevate self,

According to James, the person who chooses to fight is never satisfied, Others are viewed as obstacles, Christians are called to submit their wills to His will. They are never simply to fulfill their own selfish wants, monitor to castigate others,

When one becomes a Christian, he or she have to put his character on check, Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing the class of things a man chooses and avoids, and that is simply who you are

Each an everyone of us yearn for love, respect, compassion, acceptance or acknowledgement regardless of our denials or refusal of this fact due to our respective egos. These things have a larger impact in our lives by bringing “value” the several things we do or set to accomplish in life and in the process helps build our purpose and define our lives for us. character holds a greater bearing on our respective individual personalities, goals, values, and most importantly our choices that defines our lives.

Have a good character because bad character can equally make people to see you as monster. Remember you need people for your purpose to be fulfill.

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  1. The church isn’t the building but the people. And preachers of a by gone yesterdays were serving God and the church only, but the majority of preachers today worship money and serve money and not God and the church. How can the church go wanting and always in need and most of their preachers are millionaires who are takers and not givers and when preachers don’t lead in faith the church stays in conflict.

    *Divine-Royalty your essay-post is a faith base masterpiece and you made my day with your uncut Gem, and I thank you, brother,for you are God sent to us all, and your message here is a local, national, and international manifesto writings deserving to go viral and reblogged*

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  2. My experience in the church and observation thereof I noticed that conflict in the church occur from those who strive for power and position to impress the minister from the record keeper to those in charge of fixing up food packages for the less fortunate, and those who actually believe in God and not kissing up to the preacher are the ones who get along with each other and don’t gossip but is only interested in the gospel of serving God!

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