The church which is body of Christ is the last hope of mankind on earth and If we allow the Church get polluted what will those who thirst for righteousness do. Shall we remain in grace until iniquity abound. Here is my point

1) Don’t preach grace for nonsense. Grace is not endorsement for sin. Grace is for godliness not for ungodliness

2) You don’t need miracles, healing, and deliverance. What you need is repentance and Love. If you get it other will be cheap. Seek you first the kingdom of God

3) Many people can preach. But there are demons who disguise himself as Christ standing in the pulpit with microphone. 1cor 11:13-14

4) If I am preaching do not lie. Am i doing that?. If so, i am a victim of my word. Remember the world of God is in peri-passu with those who talk it and those you are talking to. Be sincere because only the truth can set free

5) Anyone who is making a narrow way to be bowld, discouraging suffering, and encourage shortcut. run away from him or her, because If you don’t pass through process, you will not make sense. The joy of money is not just people dashing you money but the prize you pay before getting it. Be real to yourself

Fly unlimited


  1. God has created the world and all in It
    God sent Jesus Christ to die for ours sins
    we are by Faith to believe God manifested all those miracles
    and materialized the Church for us to prove by Faith that we believe in God and serve God beyond and above all else!

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