In the race between Cat and Mouse, The mouse mostly wins, Because the Cat runs for its Food But the Mouse runs for its Life.

Champion is never born anywhere special, it is in the mind. King David would have remain a daddy’s boy but he never allow fear to limit him to surface before Goliath. And Goliath became a ladder that took him to the palace. It is in your choice to die ordinary or die a hero and live a mark in this life.

Are you afraid living your life to avoid critics? The only way to avoid critics is do nothing and be nothing. But if you chose such lifestyle. It is an insalt to God your creator. Your journey might be rough and tough. My advice is, “become tougher”, hard work pays. You can take your work event to the next level, that is a champions mindset. Moreover, It is better to be controversial than to be inconsequential.

Jacob looked at Joseph and saw a good son!
The ten brothers looked at Joseph and saw a useless dreamer!
The travellers looked at Joseph and saw a slave!!
Potiphar looked at Joseph and saw a good servant!!
Potiphar’s wife looked at Joseph and saw a potential boyfriend!
The prison officers saw in Joseph a prisoner!

How wrong were all of them! God looked at Joseph and saw a Prime Minister of Egypt in waiting!!

Don’t be discouraged by what people see yours as!! Be encouraged by what God sees in you!! And how willing you are to lunch out to your enviable future according to the vision you hold unto.

Negative people sees people negatively and positive people sees people positively. That is why some people sees no opportunity where there is opportunity. How can God omini-everything give birth to omni-nothing. If elephants give birth to grasshopper know that something is wrong. Lion beget lion and Eagle beget eagle.

Do you not know that the ultimate grand of faith is confidence in God. The poorest man on earth who is friends with God is richer than the richest man who is not friend with God.

I see champion crying on the inside of you!

Fly unlimited


  1. Very insightful!!!! God does see us a whole lot different than others do, for He does not look at our outward appearance but on the heart.(1 Samuel 16:7) Very Good Writing. Be Blessed Always.


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