No matter what, you cannot be me.

You can copy me but you can’t do things exactly like me. A life of copy cannot be original but fake

Castigating me or Fighting to bring me down is your headache and you cannot succeed doing it

No one has ever grow tall by bringing others down. They may seems to succeed at first but the end justify

Why would I want to be you. God forbid, I am the best and a handsome dude. God did not make mistake

I Might not be Someone’s first Choice, but I’m a Great Choice.

I don’t Pretend to be Someone I’m not, Because I’m Good at Being ME…

I Might not be Proud of some of the things I’ve done in the Past but I’m Proud of who I’m today

I may not be Perfect, I really Don’t need to be, I’m the Way God Made ME.

Everything that has happened in My Life had to happen to Make ME who I’m Today.

I’m Smarter & Stronger than I have Ever Been.

Every day is Another Day to Grow; I Don’t Regret MY Life

I Just Know there are Areas I Need to improve, just like everybody else.

I’m ME and I Love ME because I am the best of who I AM.

Fly unlimited


  1. Amen! Only you can be who you were made to be and no one else! None of us were born to live in the shadow of another, but to be an original God only made one copy of. Blessings Always my Friend.

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  2. To be your authentic self is very important. The quote“Be you, everyone else is already taken” further speaks about the importance of not imitating other people, so valid to your point. Great post.

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