The secret of how things work is going to the lasting solution. If not, Those who try to save their life will lose it and those who lose their life will gain it. Africa American are still today enjoying the battle Abraham Lincoln fought for them. The highest offering a man can offer in this life is to become a blessing to humanity and that is the standard Christ set for us.

I am surprise at some people who called themselves Christian over what is going on in Nigeria. Nigeria has been hiding in lies, dehumanization and genocide. Raping mothers and daughters, killing the youths, blackmailing Christian community as tribes. House to house killing and using social media to lie against them. Binding Twitter because of those who use it to expose their evil to the international community so that they will continue hiding in their evil, and some so called Christians are mute in a situation like this.. they can’t fight for self defense, they can’t speak out, they see Inocent people killed and they maintain silent. That Christianity have to be questioned

Dear Christians, prayer is very important but when the enemy comes after you with physical weapon, fight it with physical weapon, it’s called self defense

When Palestine attack the Israelite, the Israelite did not only went to the mountain for prayer, they attacked back massively, conquer them and God take the glory. Even some of you are glorifying the God of Israel without editing or reasoning how the battle was championed and that how religion has conditioned your mind. You must understand that God moves through human and stop pushing your responsibility to God. Do you want freedom, fight for it! Life is a fight and if you don’t fight for what you want, what you don’t want will automatically take place. Dying a hero is more honorable than dying a coward. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

When angel Lucifer choose to be a bad angel, the heavenly host fought and war against him and chase him out of heaven. But my question is, when satan was chased out from heaven, does he landed in Africa? And that is the reason why I keep asking people, If God created man, and give him will-power to choose from what is good and bad, and when someone do bad thing, the person will say that it’s the devil.

My question is, is the devil responsible for every bad thing we do and every action we take? And the best answer I have gotten so far is that It’s allegations from people to the devil, the difference between human and angel is that we have freedom of choice, so all bad decisions are not motivated by the devil but by our self-will. As there is rejoicing in heaven over a repented sinner, so there is in hell over a fallen human and that is why there is consequences for all our actions including idle words we spoke Mtt 12:36

Many problems we are confronting in prayer is a problem suppose to be confronted by logic, hard-work and fight, that’s why the problems are still there

Since I was born. Nigeria has being praying against Nigeria In destress and against bribery and corruption. It’s still there. We all are acting as if there’s no Brian in our head, while God give us Brian is that he can have rest. My greatest challenge is how the mind Christians in Africa is conditioned and if anyone is trying to do something to bring a change, majority will accuse him of making a huge mistake without doing anything. I am of the opinion that if the children darkness conquer the world, the fault is from the children of the light because darkness does not exist where there is light.

You will never know how powerful you are until you take up big task. Faith without risk or action is delusion. Warriors knows very well that impossible is nothing. Be a warrior!!!
I lather give birth to lion than to give birth to millipede. Destroy every darkness and replace it with light. Freedom is not cheap

Fly unlimited


  1. Your essay-post, ‘How Things Work’ is why equality and world peace will make Mankind a Civilization of reality and not the fantasy and theory it is, and being a black man in America, I have experienced prejudice and discrimination, and although things and values and opportunities are better today than years ago for blacks, but 100% equality is still lacking and I understand the unfairness of others feels like for the less fortunate in other countries.

    Divine-Royalty you are a great writer-author and leader!

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  2. You have answered well when you said people always blame satan for the bad as though only he is responsible, but it is a lot of times our own error to be slack in serving God the way we should and therefore bring evil upon us by our choices! Loved this truth filled writing.
    Your statement holds a lot of water ……….  I am of the opinion that if the children darkness conquer the world, the fault is from the children of the light because darkness does not exist where there is light.
    God Bless and keep you Always.

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