We must be aware of how to get the necessary tools to combat our weaknesses and enhance our strengths to avoid aborting our golden future. Laziness can prohibit and wave bye important things from getting done, such as paying bills, turning in assignments on time and failing to meet deadlines. This affects the lazy person and those who are depending on him. Here’s what I mean

*Procrastination. Any reason is good to defer for another day what we should do now. Normally we replace these activities by others which, although irrelevant, are more pleasant to do. We are always waiting for ideal conditions (energy, enthusiasm, etc.) to perform certain actions. Since these conditions are often unrealistic, postponing things is not a good idea.

*Fear of what people will say: people will always talk and never explain yourself to anyone, people who love you don’t need it and people who don’t love will never believe you. Be known by your exploit.

*Good intentions. It occurs when we often say we are going to do something and we never do that (such as doing exercise, learning new thing, Pursuing our goal etc.). Things are created twice, first in mind and then in reality. We just have to take the next step with action. A great man said. Good idea is like a baby crying in the church, must be carried out immediately.

*Self-deception. We convince ourselves we will be able to do something as soon as we intend doing it. But we never try to do that.

*Perfectionism. We avoid doing things because we want to do them very well. We must begin, doing things and fail is better than doing nothing and it is a way of success.

Sometimes, laziness is a problem of self- and time-management. A solution would be, among other things, ensuring proper time management, focusing on the tasks that are most important and have closest ending dates.

How do you feel when you set a goal, charge unto it and accomplish it. legendary, “right? Let it be your motivation.

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  1. The saying “Tomorrow never comes” is a comfort for the lazy as they waste yet another day at ease waiting for the next tomorrow that will never come. Wonderful post and it lights a fire under one to get moving.Blessings over you Always.

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