Is me DivineRoyalty I have a confession to make. After being a Christian for years, going through battles over battles, there were times I have doubted God.

Especially those moments when I needed Him the most but I can’t feel His presence. I cried out loud and it feels like He turned deaf ear.

Sometimes I wonder “Lord, are you still there?” Am I still in your son? Yes, I doubted God many times.

But what I realized is this, those moments are growth pains. I believe we all go through that “doubting moment” one way or another.

Gideon doubted God. Thomas doubted God. Sarah and Abraham laughed at God’s promise.

But in the end they all transformed from doubting” to “believing. That’s right. Those experiences of doubt usually lead to a deeper faith.

Another way to develop deeper faith in God is by reading your scripture and meditation. That medication time is thinking time to analyze and to balance equation.

It’s a time to build your spiritual capacity and to generate insight, that it when you comes out being motivated with life challenging power and nuggets of inspiration

I truly believe in the life transforming power of memorizing scriptures.

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  1. Excellent writing! YES! As you wrote: DOUBT ISN’T THE OPPOSITE OF FAITH, IT IS AN ELEMENT OF FAITH. When Peter was told to walk to the Lord on the water he had faith he was able to until he started to doubt. It’s not that he had no faith, but the Lord said his faith was little. (Matthew 14:24-31). Blessings Always over you.

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  2. Some will admit it and some will be in denial, but we at one time or another doubted there is a God until we believe on Faith that there is God!

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  3. Thank you for your courage in sharing. I too have doubted many times in my journey as a follower of Jesus. But throughout those trials He has drawn me closer and redoubled my faith.

    Peace to you my friend.

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