Self improvement is character improvement and your character can affect you and the world around you. There is nothing more valuable to any child of God, team or company than people of good character. These types of people hold traits within themselves that separate them from others.

The World Needs Better Character, I mean today’s world is facing many difficult problems. Escalating crime, drug and alcohol abuse, workplace violence, prostitution, robbery, kidnapping, cultism, gang activity, vandalism, school dropouts, sex abuse, deteriorating work ethics, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, racial tensions, broken families … The list seems endless anyway. At their root, all of these problems spring out of the lack, or miss-application, of good character qualities.

If we are to find lasting solutions to the problems of our day, we must deal with these roots! We must work to improve our own character, teach good character to our children, and help those around us to improve their character! Character development is essential to the ongoing success of our society. That is why Character Education is so important.

Years ago, Dennis Kozlowski, then CEO of mammoth Tyco, was also asked to resign amid strong speculation he was siphoning company money for his personal use. The courts later determined that Kozlowski indeed saw Tyco’s checking account as an extension of his personal checking account to the tune of over $80 million. Kozlowski is currently serving jail time in a New York State correctional facility.

Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace likewise has been swift and harsh. Sporting News’ headline on October 23rd, 2012 read “Lance Armstrong’s Sterling Legacy Unraveling Myth by Myth, Lie by Lie”. These are just three extreme examples of leadership immaturity. There are countless other instances of executives, CEOs, senior executives, managers, and emerging executives who are skyrocketing to success one day and falling from grace the next.

An immature leader cares more about personal gain than the well being of the church, state, company and the people he manages. An immature leader always operates with a set of values, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions that are a roadblock to unlocking and unleashing greatness in themselves and their teams. The difference between an immature leader and a great leader can be described in one word “CHARACTER”

One of the messages i regularly deliver is, your character determines your destiny. Many who believe in shortcuts has end up taking the long way and those who believe in cheating has eat and keep eating without being satisfy. People fear corona-virus that can kill and bring death and mess with the law of God that can heal death and bring enteral happiness. Isn’t it madness?


  1. Wonderful writing! As always…….. As the world chases after riches that can vanish in an instance good character lasts a lifetime.
    A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. (Proverbs 22:1).
    YOU WRITE: People fear corona-virus that can kill and bring death and mess with the law of God that can heal death and bring enteral happiness. Isn’t it madness? YES! Madness indeed!!!!! leave God out of the equation and only peril ensues. Be Blessed Always.

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