The situation of Nigeria this present day must be put into consideration as gunshot is still going on now in Olu before you understand Fr Mbaka. You should not expect him to be mute

In Igbo culture, insulting the elders is a taboo. But today it’s happening in Igbo and Yoruba land due to when salt lost its test, it will be made way and people will March on it.

Since the on going genocide in Enugu, what is the take of Enugu state bishop? The different between a leader and a boss is that a Leaders creates peace and harmony but Boss create war and acrimony. A boss manages their people, while a leader inspires them to innovate, think creatively, and strive for perfection.

There are many bishops who pastored Fr Mbaka who have come and gone. Not that people are not telling them negative things against Fr Mbaka. But Wisdom guided them and they ended well with him. Religious or leaders war effect much on the lead because a husband who want his children to be happy should love his wife the mother of his own children.

When bishop onaga was made new in Enugu, Fr Mbaka welcomed him with two cars, one SUV and one buss for conference meeting, added with a little purse of #2million, and he keep doing and doing. Now the bishop want to collaborate with evil government which he supposed to be against to humiliate Fr Mbaka as he did during the time of transferring him in a boys quarter room. Fr Mbaka is always humiliated among the priest meeting that makes him to stop.

What is the offense of Fr Mbaka that make him to be peoples problem. I see nothing but jealousy. So, no body should speak about the on going killings and bad leadership in the country or what?.

A leader should be by example. What is the take of bishop since the on going killings in Nigeria. What Fr Mbaka said, many other bishops and priest said the same thing. Why is it that his own is different and creating war?

“That Buhari is a prayer answered”
If Buhari hardened his heart like pharaoh and Biafran go just as Israelite exist, is he not a prayer answered? Are you accusing Fr Mbaka because you have mouth or has Buhari regain finished? Simple because all of you has been programmed to hate your own.

On the last day people will hate those who are good


  1. “Nigeria is among the worst countries in the world because of non-leadership and ganster bosses,
    and my prayers go out to every day Nigerians who suffer undder such blatant
    and evil bossship, but all evil things come to an end becauseGod is in charge
    Who will send powerful countries to liberate Nigerians from suck evil bosses.” _-Van Prince

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