A college man walked into a photography studio with a picture of his girlfriend… He wanted the picture duplicated… The owner of the store noticed the inscription on the back of the picture, it said, “My dearest Divine, I love you with all my heart… I love you more & more each day… I will love you forever & ever… I am yours for all eternity… It was signed “Divine,” and it contained a P.S.: “If we ever break up, I want this picture back…

Friends, when Christ calls us and we follow Him, there’s no “PS” with Christ… You’re His and He’s yours… It’s a serious commitment. There’s no turning back. So I encourage you to commit yourself into regularly reading, and meditating God’s word. Consistent meditation of His words is a genuine expression of how committed you are with your creator. Believe me, it’s a life changing habit. A committed Christian is preoccupied and absorbed with his Lord’s glory. The very purpose for which we exist is to give glory to God, so it is right that this is the first mark of a believer.

Relationship commitment

A committed relationship is an interpersonal relationship based upon agreed-upon commitment to one another involving love, trust, honesty, openness, or some other behavior. Forms of committed relationships include close friendship, long-term relationships, engagement, marriage, and civil unions. People in committed relationships tend to portray their partners in the best possible light; they minimize their flaws and emphasize their positive attributes. This can sometimes make them delusional about their partner’s negative qualities, but as long as those things aren’t harmful, it keeps people happy in their relationships.

Work commitment

Commitment to work or work commitment is defined as the level of enthusiasm an employee has towards his/her tasks assigned at a workplace. It is the feeling of responsibility that a person has towards the goals, mission, and vision of the organization he/she is associated with. Talent is an inborn quality that gives you a smart way to achieve.Talent is futile unless you go for it. One should never sit on a couch and expect for a good result. Just because you have talent doesn’t mean you can go on the field and be the star of the team. “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”Whereas hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry one so far. If one is not willing to put in the work to harvest and cultivate their talent, then the talent itself is essentially useless. Hard work and perseverance will beat out pure talent any day.Therefore, if talent and hard work go hand in hand it provides better results. If you are lucky to be born with the brains that are capable of potential genius, you cannot become a true genius without motivation. Here is where the hard work comes into play. Anyone can have an idea, vision, or dream, but it takes that 99% working hard to make it closer to becoming a reality.

Business commitment

At Strategic Coach, we often talk about the importance of commitment in business and as an entrepreneur. Commitment is the one thing that will ensure you’re successful in whatever you do (not just business).

Commitment is about doing something when you don’t know the plan and having the courage to go through the unknowns. It can be difficult and scary at times, but when we branch out on our own as entrepreneurs, we need to fully commit ourselves to our business and our mission. It’s the one thing that will keep us going through all the tough times we will inevitably face.

And I can say this because I’ve seen it in my own life.

Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.” Vince Lombardi”

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” “Kenneth Blanchard

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  1. “Commitment is the essence to complete ‘whatever’ positive in life
    to attain a successful life
    to be happy in life.”_-Van Prince

    *Another unforgettable post by Divine-Royalty*

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  2. Your presenting life movie show on your blog.
    That’s really amazing.
    Words has lots of power. That’s I saw in your blog.

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