Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.” – Elvis Presley

It is easier to take shortcuts in building a home, It is cheaper to use lesser materials. And for awhile, no one may notice, But somewhere along the line, you will pay for your shoddy workmanship, It is easier to cheat. It is quicker to simply memorize a list of answers. And your grades will look just as good on a job application or an application to college, But someday you will asked to express an intelligent thought on your own, and your laziness will be exposed,

The same is true for your spiritual life, It is easier to go with the crowd, It takes less time and energy if you simply maintain a superficial faith, And frankly, most of the time, who can really tell the difference anyway? It’s easier to just show up to church for an hour a week than it is to develop spiritual roots, It is easier to talk about caring for others than it is to actually care, It is easier to talk about sharing your faith than it is to build bridges with others, It is easier to talk about commitment than to be committed, It is impossible for us to tell who is genuine in their faith and who is not until the time of trial comes,

You and I both know that this is true, Everybody sounds like a believer when times are good. When God is giving us what we want, we are all cheering for Him, True faith comes when we are called to trust Him in the dark. When a person faces loss, or disappointment, or things simply don’t go as expected, we get to see what their faith is really made of.

The person who has a deep foundation, Trusts God’s wisdom when life is confusing, Relies on God’s strength when they are weak, Looks beyond the present heartache to God’s purpose and eternal glory, Relies on grace in times of personal failure, Runs TO God rather than away from Him.

I often tell people at a grave-site that the grave is where the rubber of our faith meets the road, It is easy to profess faith when life is good, it is more difficult to believe when you stand at the grave of one you love, That is the time when you must ask a tough question, Do I really believe, or don’t I?

Your answer is as a result of your choice. A proud landlord that’s tormenting his tenant is a local champion, because when he/she travel to another state, he/she will discover to be a tenant there. Wisdom is principal thing.

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  1. Such good deep wisdom we can all apply to our lives! After reading this it made me think just how many are at a grave side as they look upon their loved one and may not even know the Lord and consider where their loved on has gone. Stay strong in the one who has called you from the darkness of this world unto the light of His love and wisdom. Blessings.

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  2. Your great essay post reminds me of a Quote I read yeras ago:

    “So long as new ideas are created, sales will
    continue to reach new highs.” – Dorthea Brand

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