Avoid people who second-guise everything you do! Never give a space in your life to someone who continuously bring your down. It’s impossible to believe in yourself 100% when you’re surrounded by people who don’t believe in you. Sometimes you may doubt if there negativity against you is real. On a long enough timeline, your confidence will give in to the constant bombardment of self-doubt around you.

It’s biological. Your brain is wired to copy the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of other people. You can fight this herd mentality for a while, but not forever. The only way to win the battle for your own mind is to actively decide who you let into your life.

If you want to increase confidence and avoid feeling of self-doubt, you must eliminate people who second-guess everything you do. Second-guessers are those people who are always predicting all the bad things that will happen to you if you take on some new challenge.

When you tell these people about a new idea, they will give you a list of reasons why the idea is flawed. When you show them something you have created, like a business plan, a chapter of your new book, or the early stages of a new project, the first thing they will do is tell you everything they don’t like about it.

Second-guessers never offer solutions and they never ask productive questions. They just predict failure—doom and gloom.

Stop listening to these people. Their predictions are based on nothing but fear. Instead, surround yourself with people who are going to ask you constructive and instructive questions, people who are going to first congratulate you on your new idea and project, people who are going to help you look for solutions. Successful people help and push each other to succeed but second guessers are drainers.

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  1. A powerful message. True, we should always guard our energy. It’s the best way to keep being productive and grow. Fear and doubt if Persisted in can be destructive as you’ve said. Wishing you peace and abudance

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  2. There will always be those who rain on our parade, but it is this type of personality that does not make a change for the good in this life for others. They are only here to be a stumbling block to those who are making a positive difference! Remember satan came to kill, steal and destroy and he doesn’t rest until some fall and works through those who do not have your best interest at heart. Very good writing here once again. Love your positive energy! Blessings Always over you.

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  3. Those who never give you credit for your worth and talent are either haters, or jealous of you,and secretly what to be like you are evil, and your friends who are real friends will encoursse you and support you in attaining your goals. Any friend who don’t want positive things and values for you as the dothemselves aren’t your friends but your enemies!

    *Great post Divene-Royalty*

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