Integrity promotes value and truth; while pride promotes bad rep. by “Divine-Royalty”

Years ago, my career got messed as minister by wicked, political and bad leaders, I was totally humiliated, insulted, mocked and blackmailed. They scattered the house I builded since 2007 with few other faithful and pushed me away with allegation and lies, of which I chose to step aside to mentain my reputation and integrity, but I still maintain my character and Faith. Those bad leaders wanted to send me back where I have come from but they are too small to undo what God has established. The Amazing thing is that the team of those bad leaders ran away without completing their regime and with shame and tragedies. God is still fighting for his people

Good leaders
After the general election of the community, the good leaders came to me on apology that they want me back. Of which apology accepted. And I also apologise in any way my action has bring the community down, and we celebrate LOVE the way it use to be and as it suppose to be.

I am hereby announcing publicly that I am fully back to the community. Those who stopped the fellowship because of the injustice on me. Those who love me and those who are hurt and wounded. I am pleading to you all to come back and let’s go to the next level. Understand that real Growth cannot happen without crash, as we learn form our failure. May all your wounds be healed.

There is extraordinary peace in Zion today onward. Please do come back without any delay. See you on Saturday fellowship.

Moreover, I want to appreciate all the God’s general. My mentors and all those who encouraged me during this mountain experienced season. May the good Lord bless you abundantly and give you rain in your dry season. You will remain like Olive branch in the mouth of dove the Holy Spirit.
More grace in his kingdom.



  1. Your post is akin to what some Jews did to Jesus, but Jesus remembered how the bad Jews treated Him, and made things and values plentiful for the good Jews who believed in Him, and you survived and conquered as Jesus did (Divine-Royalty)!

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