We always need to remember that the Lord is the one who gives us the ability and skill to be able to create wealth.

When things are going well, it is often easy to take all the credit for the the wealth we’ve accumulated and just as easy to blame God when things go wrong, but hear me

When holy spirit is absent in the church, the church is poor.

When the holy spirit is presence in the church, the church is rich.

Do u not know u are the temple of the holy spirit? We are the church, not the structure

If you do not understand the Holy Spirit as the advantage of the believer you will despise the Holy Spirit

Divine placement and divine selection will result in wealth

The Holy Spirit was given us as our advantage as believers, yet you may say, “I know the Holy Spirit but why am I not wealthy?

It is because you have not honoured Him more than you honour cash.

As Christians, you must respect the spiritual forms of wealth more than the physical forms because the spiritual forms create the physical forms.

You may have been wandering around in the Wilderness for years. waiting for the blessings to flow, good news for you. let’s make sure you’re positioned for prosperity.

Many believers have not or will not experience biblical prosperity because they don’t understand the spiritual progression which brings the manifestation.

Spiritual wealth is balance within using the metaphysical unseen forces of the universe guided by your soul’s and mind’s energy causing a universal response to what you want.

Money is called currency because it is energy and not paper. You must see beyond it. Only you are what posses real value because nothing exist or is manifest without your energy.

Your ideas, thoughts and emotions are what creates it into this world in exchange for money. So, if you are really inspired with desired intention to write a book and want to take action on it then eventually you will be rewarded by how many lives it impacted.

When you are spiritual sound, you will prosper in whatsoever you do.

Do you need physical cash?, you must create a Chanel through which money will flow. Money is like a stream, when you create a Chanel for it, it will flow

Psalm 1 says, in whatsoever you do, I will bless, if you are doing nothing, the blessing will be there, but will not flow because there’s no Chanel for it to flow

“Make a list of the people you admire and what makes them amazing. Then go out and become those things yourself” “Tai Lopez”

I hope you’re inspired by this write up. Spiritual poverty is choice! Physical poverty is choice

People dose not gather in the church looking for enemy’s or those who are after them. They gather to deep themselves in the Holy Spirit to generate ideas that will solve the problem of humanity

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Fly unlimited


  1. “The Holy Spirit
    manifest in us
    when we believe in Jesus
    through are faith in God, in the Holy Ghost
    as the Holy Spirit
    makes us rich in all harvests!”_-Van Prince

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  2. EXCELLENT expression of the true meaning of spiritual and physical wealth that the Holy Spirit guides and directs us into having. It is by pure obedience to God are we increased in such blessings. Money becomes the root of all evil when our main focus is gaining great wealth, but in service to God He increases our riches as we labor through our life. (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20). Blessings.

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