Fasting can be defined as abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. It is a physical exercise that helps you to enhance your spiritual depth and a chosen weapon against the flesh. We are called to walk in the Spirit for the bible says we are Spirit being. However since the Spirit has a home in us, the flesh, we have a tendency of ending up walking in the flesh. So, in order for us to subdue this flesh and bring under the subjection of the Spirit, certain things have to happen and a lot of shifts of a divine nature have to occur. Subduing the flesh means it will be under the control of the Spirit not under the control of the flesh.

We should not fool ourselves to think we are walking in the Spirit, yet we are busy gratifyingly feeding the flesh more than we do our Spirit. Feeding the Spirit more than we feed the flesh, will make us to subdue the flesh. Fasting which is the opposite of feasting/feeding should thrive more. The more one reads, meditate the word, fasting and praying more than they feed they stomachs or the habits, cravings and lusts, the more one grows spiritually, gradually having their spiritual eyes and ears open. The more God will start revealing Himself. The more prayer and fasting the more one subdues their flesh and the more they walk in the Spirit.

Do you need power?; go extra mile! Do you desire greatness?; get ready for a prize! Engaging in fasting and prayer helps you to form intimacy with God which maximize the capacity of God’s glory in you, and subjugate every demonic influence. What we must understand is that fasting is not just something reserved for those that profess Christ as Lord. Fasts are observed among Christians, Jews, Muslims, Confucianists, Hindus, Buddhists, and adherents of other religious faiths. Even those that practice witchcraft fast to further their own system of belief. So when you hear of other sects of religion making reference to fasting, it is not the same as when a Believer fasts, take note.

People fast for various reasons and each reason can find some validity. Some people fast to lose weight. While there are times when we choose to fast because we struggle with either known or hidden sin. This could be alcoholism, cigarettes, sexual addictions, eating disorders which I call consumer, family problems, sickness and disease against a loved one, and even various abuses we commit or were a victim of, and we want to rid our lives of these things.

As mentioned above, Man is a spirit being, but living in the earthly suite, and whenever we refuse to fast. The suite which is your body will grow heavy; and your act will be according to the desire of your flesh, but fasting subject our body for the spirit of God to lead. It’s putting away things you find pressuring for the sake of God, it lies from discipline, the physical apatite for the subjection of body for the spiritual desires. when God entrust you with his Government, He wants you to take charge but with the power of flesh you will not succeed bringing good result.

So, humble yourself with fasting and prayer because fasting enhances your spiritual capacity and blankets every distraction. It put pride to subjugation. While vision become clearer.

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