Most people never learn to unleash the champion that lies dormant on the inside of them. Some don’t even know there’s champion in them, but Incase you don’t know, there is a champion crying on the inside of you, which some people know and ignore it, keep chasing shadow. While many people souls are on fire to accomplish a big task or a purpose but they keep wallowing in mediocrity.

Well, Becoming a champion is not about beating others in a competition, winning awards, or gaining recognition and accolades. Becoming a champion is about reaching yourfullest potential. It’s about constantly pushing the limits of what you thought was impossible for you. It’s about pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can. It’s not about competing to do better than others; it’s about realizing that you are your only competition.

To discover the champion in you, you must find your place in Christ. God created us and keep us in His presence called Eden to commune with Him and I can grantee you that anyone who loose His presence loose it all. So, the biggest reason you can’t discover who you are until you know God is because knowing Him will change you by renewing your mind and give your life a meaning. When you allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, you will be transformed and restore growing to the original reflection of God.

You are the only one who is qualified to do what God created you for, but without Christ, you lose your qualifications.

Your purpose as a believer is to build the Kingdom of God. This is the calling of every believer, but each person has a different role in this project. God must reveal to you what your part is. Your role in His Kingdom work will utilize your natural gifts and talents, but it will also require His spirit to empower you. Your work is impossible without Him. And that’s why people do whatever work they fall in the way they like because they don’t recognize that every work is done to the glory of God.

I know that the work you are doing now is for money, but it does not end there. If you have a deep breath, you will understand that adding the fear of God while doing it will announce you and help you to reach your potential because the miracle you are praying for is attached diligent hard work. Make a commitment to never compromise your most important values for the sake of pleasing others. Never sacrifice your integrity for personal gain or for the gain of others. Your reputation is worth more in the long run than any potential gains to be had in the short run.

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  1. Every friend isa miracle and encountering a true friend is akin to finding a needle in a haystack
    and like finding a diamond in the rough., and like Divine-Royalty, the author stated, “A FRIEND WORTH KEEPING IS A FRIEND THAT MEAN WELL”

    Count the numbers of those who haven’t answer this post as oppsed to 1 who did
    and this is how hard it is to have a true firend!

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  2. Life is but one part of existence, but we must live it with God at the centre, to know He has placed everything we need inside our soul. We’ve all got a champion inside of us, so let us get to helping each other to find and live that out!

    Peace to you, my friend!

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