Comparison is death of Joy “Mark Twain”

There’s no competition in destiny! That is quite true, stop wondering and comparing yourself with others, People I am better than are making success, why not me? I am more educated, more stronger or wiser than him/her, what did he/she know? Being wise and being smart are two different things, anyone can be smart but those who master the art of knowing knows what to overlook, in this journey called life deserves to be called wise.

Never compare yourself with others, Stop copying people and stop doing what others are doing just because they turn out to be successful. Copying people is denying yourself a chance to unleash your own potential, a life of copy is a fake life not original. That same business your friend is doing, that is counting millions might not make you earn a dime when you try it, Your sister is a successful doctor, so doctor’s makes money, might end up being a very miserable one to you. That entertainment industry everybody is running into and making success might not be your place. “Uche” is an aspired teacher, i can be one as well, Don’t do anything because others are doing it, do something because it’s your passion. Your passion is the fuel that drive.

A square peg will never fit a round hole, .Just do what you are good at for passion and not for money, Money will automatically come, I tell you if you are not born for something you will keep struggling and struggling, when others are finding the same thing easy, The way your destiny is shaped is very different from anybody, You are not their yet because you are not where you supposed to be, Don’t cross and run on anybody’s lane, you might not get to the finished line. Do still believe in yourself? Do you know what you want? This question gives clarity and clarity gives you a bowled step.

My friend is making more money by going to Dubai and purchase a goods of a million dollar, the income make sense, I will join him. You no longer follow your mind map, then you follow someone else direction, you might not experience the sweet test your friend is experiencing in that business. You might be better than that your doctor friend you are seeing today. You might be better than that business friend you are seeing today! You might be better than that heavy weight champion you are seeing today if you’re determine

Hold on today no matter where are, Keep struggling you are not there yet and stop comparing yourself to others, You don’t have to be people follower or else, you will get lost in it, Remember their is no competition in destiny, you can only run your race and wish others well.

Fly unlimited


  1. God has given us each our own gifts. Some are similar to those of other people, other gifts are ours to share with the world. Within our soul we know when we are following the right path, and when we are not.

    Thank you for sharing this important message, and encouraging following passion and not money. Peace.

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