The weakness of our hunger for God is not because He is unsavoury, but because we “keep ourselves stuffed with other things”. We all tend to get caught up in the busyness of this world. As if we’re going to live on this earth forever.

Daniel 11:32 ~ And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he pervert by flatteries; but the people that know their God shall be strong, and do exploits .

Most people have a desire to make a positive difference. What enables us to perform noble acts of service? In a prophetic vision, the prophet Daniel revealed the key how God may enable us to do great exploits. We see a contrast between those who forsake God and those who know God. To know God is to LOVE Him and to LOVE Him is keep His commandments

And do you know what’s scary about it? We’re too busy that we don’t even realize it. Until something painful happens that wakes us up from our spiritual slumber. The implication is those who fell away did not know God. Daniel tells us that the people who know (love) their God would display strength. The word strength conveys the idea of taking courage and fortifying oneself. Daniel was able to do great exploits for God because he was strong in the Lord. So how does one become strong? We become strong as we get to know God. There is a vast difference between knowing God, and knowing about God. We know God by getting to know Jesus for Jesus came to reveal God to us.

My brethren, there’s nothing wrong in desiring a better life for yourself and your family. Just don’t let your job, family, or even your ministry to hinder the growth of your faith in God. We get to know God as we invest time with Him. Prayer is the opportunity to know God in a personal and intimate way as we daily converse with Him and seek His direction for our lives. Our constant communion with God enables us to know God as our closest friend and confidant.

Read, and meditate scriptures regularly. Make God your first priority by downloading His words in your memory and by so doing, ideas, nuggets of wisdom will be flying and you must surely generate insights that will announce you. Power to make wealth as God said is called ideas to make wealth

Fly unlimited


  1. “God sits on a Throne at the pennacle of Haven
    higher than all powerful men sitting at the crest of havens
    God is God isGod
    at the crest of mankind, those living at the top of the food chain
    none are bigger and greater than God.”

    By:Van Prince

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  2. Such a strong message we all need to remember that God must be first in our life above all else. If people only knew how important it is to LOVE GOD and give Him the glory and not ourselves. This life is not about us, it is about serving God wholeheartedly and everything else will fall into place and be Blessed by God! May you be Blessed beyond measure as you walk with Him.

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