A visioning is an act of seeing in your mind, a strong clear picture you captured in your mind about what you want to achieve or what you want to become. It is not a vague wish, dream or hope. It’s a picture of the real results of real efforts. It comes from the future and informs and energizes the present. Visioning is the most powerful tool that can help individuals and organizations to get the results they want.

When we visualize how our lives will be when we’ve realized our dreams, our bodies and minds have an interesting way of helping us get there. Visualization unlocks a critical component in goal setting. It allows you to envision what needs to change in order to get you where you want to go. It helps you to feel the sensation of reaching your goal even before you get there. Visioning your goal actually releases endorphins, which are the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. That’s how real it can feel.

When I see an old man who is hawking in the street, it get me thinking, and my question is, what is this man doing since all his life? But the only encouraging word I have gotten so far is, “life is full of ups and down” yet’ the important of envisioning the future, setting goals and acting to bring it to reality is that there’s a time when our bone will no longer be strong to do some setting things, and whenever I realize this, it inspires me to action, because a visioner is a runner” “to run with your vision is to run in pursuit”.

Visioning helps you to overcome obstacles in the way and helps you hold on when times are tough to become tougher. A vision that is well defined helps you to focus and create a purpose that becomes your measurement for your success. If you do not have a vision of who you want to be, how you want to succeed or what you want out of life, you begin to lack drive and your life becomes just an order of events.

A strong and current vision connects with your passions and greatest potentials. Regardless of what is going on in the world or challenges that present themselves, a vision helps you know what and why you are doing the things you are doing. Having a vision is most important in the path of your success in life. You feel much more valuable as a person when you set and achieve visions and goals.

Who do you want to be? Your vision should include who you want to be. It is important to know clearly who you are right now to know who you want to become. This includes your habits, attitudes, and points of view. If you are unclear about yourself, you will be unclear about your future. The destination of your vision should be emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

When you create a successful vision, you begin to feel passionate about it. The only way to be successful in your vision is to visualize it and set goals and a plan of action to reach your vision. Over time, you will begin to see more parts of your vision coming true until one day you see yourself living your vision.

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  1. Hi Kingsley

    Thank you for sharing with us your valuable wisdoms.

    I am learning alot from your posts and I can’t thank you enough. But I am grateful as everyone else who reads your posts.

    We learn as we teach, please keep on teaching us more.

    Best regards

    Abdifatah Dhuhulow

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  2. Me too, in regard to what your above mentioned reader said! I think it’s really also very precious that we bloggers can learn a lot of each others and can so encourage us to find out more about life and our possibilities:) All the best Martina

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  3. The words you have said here sums up so much as to why there are people who stay dreamers their whole life, while putting nothing in action only because they are not sure of themselves and I quote:
    If you are unclear about yourself, you will be unclear about your future.

    Your thinking Here surpasses the norm and that is a very good thing! May you Be Blessed in all you set out to do.

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  4. Kingsley dear ❤️ We can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you shower on your readers!This writeup clearly underlines the need to have a vision of ones own, accomplish & live it to own satisfaction!Thanks for sharing!

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