You cannot awake the greatness in you without seeing a big picture. As long as you have a WANT, you have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.

Letting yourself to have a big vision allows you to create the ideas, to build the plans, and to create the goals necessary to achieve your bigger vision of yourself. Let’s take for instance, if you have a company that have one hundred employees and your vision is to have one thousand employee, you will wear extra large brain while setting a goal to achieve it.

To have a bigger vision, you have to dream bigger. You have to give yourself the permission to imagine yourself as being something greater. The limit of your imagination is the only real boundary to what you are capable of:

I have a question? How many millionaire barba do we have in history?. How can a young growing person say that he want to be a barba. I better become a savernt to a man who is dealing on motor spare parts than to be a barba. Too many people in our world today have converted themselves to nothing less because of inability to have a big vision. There vision is too infantile. How can someone open a caterpillar spear parts in a village where there’s only bicycle riders and expect to do well? What kind of mindset do you have?

I am not against someone becoming a Barba, but don’t do it to die in it. Grab money in it and pursue a high goal. Only having a clear vision from where you are now and set a goal with deadline will put You on the run.

Most of the time, our vision doesn’t exceed the vision of the people with whom we spend our time. Spending your time with people who have small visions can be comfortable; they never expect you to be a bigger you, and they never challenge your littleness.

Being your bigger self requires you to action every day. It is the actions that you take on your dreams that bring your bigger self to life. You have to stretch yourself by taking actions that make you uncomfortable.

Talent alone never beats the combination of ambition and action.

Your real growth comes from moving out of your comfort zone and taking risks. Doing so isn’t easy, and it comes with setbacks, false starts, and failure. It also comes with the little successes that provide the foundation of future successes, the surprising and stunning victories, and the increased capacity to accomplish even more.

You are born to be great! Have a successful life journey. I empower people with mental energy.

Fly unlimited!


  1. Your articles are always food for thought. Plain and simple we can never achieve that which we cannot dream of. Our biggest critics are our stepping stones to success, and often times they are our biggest motivators. That pushing against the tide makes us stronger to achieve our goal. Be Blessed.

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