Unforgiveness is like a Chains that chain us from the past. Poisons the present and Keeps us from what the Future holds. “Divine-royalty”

We live in a fallen world, which means we will face hurt and offense every single day. And often, it’s the people closest to us that hurt us the most and wound us to the core. Things like neglect, abuse, violence, betrayal, cruel words, and more can cause bitterness and resentment to take root in our hearts.

When it comes to forgiveness, many of us would rather hold on to our hurts, our resentments and our anger than forgive the one who has done us wrong. It usually takes a “bigger” person to forgive, someone who realizes that holding on to all those negative emotions only hurts them in the long run – instead of the person who committed the wrongdoing!

Usually, we tend to think of forgiveness as benefiting only the one who is guilty of the wrongdoing. Viewed in this way, forgiveness is a “divine” act on the part of the one who forgives; the one who is forgiven is relieved of any guilt and can go on with their lives, free from remorse. But what about the forgiver? Does he/she benefit at all?

A life that is consumed by bitterness and resentment is hardly a life worth living. When anger and resentment consume you, this only leads to depression and a life of misery, where you feel victimized and powerless.

Forgiveness frees you – it frees you to live without the weight of that anger and resentment. Letting go means releasing something’s ability to affect you in a negative way so that when you are remembering it you are not bombarded with bad feelings. Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and to realize the prisoner was you.

Bitterness is characterized by intense antagonism or hostility. It is toxic, self-destructive, and hurtful to others in our sphere. If the root is not cut out, it will spread and choke joy and contentment right out of our lives.

Forgiving others and Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean that you are allowing your actions to be justified; rather, it means that you are giving yourself permission to move away from those negative thoughts that will hold you back.

To forgive is “Divine” because it’s the nature of God. Since we have God’s DNA, we have capacity to forgive. Just let it go!

Divine-Royalty is saying that the deeper your love for God, the easily you can forgive and let go!

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