To excel in life, there are people you need and people you do not need, call them friends or whatever, you need to minimize your exposure to people who don’t benefit your life and call it good. Saboteurs are number one and there’s no need to feel guilty about doing that. Most of us want people to like us. That isn’t a bad thing, yet if the cost is fear, insecurity, or excessive stress, we may need to reevaluate the relationship.

Everyone needs inspiration and motivation to fly in life or else you expire. Success has been heavily driven by inspiration, and action is driven by motivation, successful individuals built vast empires and scaled heights due to sheer motivation, When you are motivated, things look sky high. Your dream is driven with a thrust that exudes power twice as much. You are refreshed, powered, geared and set to take on the world!

Think about your friends and colleagues and find out who are the ones who talk positive things and are always encouraging. Mingle with them as often as possible. If they know about the problem you are going through, they may help you in having a positive mindset and also they will suggest you things that can help you overcome your problem. The more time you spend with them, the faster you will recover from a fall-back.

But if you are lacking motivation, you should avoid contact with people who speak negative things. Such people will only put negative things in your mind which will make your setback more difficult.

Just as a good fruit can get spoiled when it is kept with spoiled fruits, in the same way, spending time with such people even if some of them are your close friends can really ruin your life.

Avoiding such people is the best thing to do to get back your motivation, He who has no rules over his spirit is like a city broken without war. Wisdom is profitable to direct

Fly unlimited


  1. “We indeed need people who need us, peiople that are loyal, people we can trust,
    we don’t need negative friends *&* accociates who hinder our progress to success.” _-Van Prince

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  2. Great analogy here! The whole time I was reading this the scripture about the good and evil figs came to mind (Jeremiah 24). Just as there are good and bad in all of us we must always stay away from toxic people who only destroy and deplete us of the good we are trying to put forth in the world. Blessings.

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