1. Word of wisdom inspires people of great character like teachers and writers. It’ trigger warriors and champions to action. ~ ”Divine-Royalty”

2. When my soul is on fire, I bend down in humility and in quite place and become a secretary to the Holy Spirit ~ “Divine-Royalty”

3. Writers who are pregnant with words never go to bed and sleep until they give birth to the those words. ~ “Divine-Royalty”

4. If you are not flowing where you are, know that you are yet to discover your pitch. ~ “Divine-Royalty”

5. If you know how crazy you were over your first love, that is how your purpose will drive you crazy when you discover it. ~ “DivineRoyalty”

My name is “Divine-Royalty” I inject energy to people when their enthusiasm is down to succeed or come out as champion. My new book is ready, already selling in the market and it will soon be in Amazon.. Titled- “RISE ABOVE DISCOURAGEMENT” get your own copy and you will like it. I promise you

Trees need manure to grow.

Where there no inspiration to aspire, people expires!

Fly unlimited!


  1. Number 2 and 3 says it all if one is guided by the Holy Spirit. Had to smile when I read 3 because through the night if I don’t get up and write what is strong words I would forget by morning, but it is always worth no sleep to serve the Lord! Be Blessed .

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