A stupid person don’t know that one day he/she will die

A brutal destroyer in a village of a large family became so antagonistic that he started killing the members of his great family with word and with poisoning, he succeeded in killing some of the rich and potential members of the family, and build a wall to the left over in the family instead of brigade! His reason is, he believed that others are better than him and his own children. The action make him think himself as hero. Can you see how deadly jealousy can be?

Years later, He develop a terrible sickness called Elephantiasis that makes all his body swell up and was rushed to hospital, but the doctor said that some payment must be made out of the amount charged before the treatment. Moreover, he did not give every assurance of his survival but he will try, said the doctor! The destroyer can’t afford even a dime out of the amount and those who would be of a help has gone to the land of the silent, while the left over member of the family harden their heart because of the wall the destroyer build instead of bridge, through his bad attitude

The destroyer cried in a big sorrow for help and on one responded, one good night, as he was sleeping, he dreamt about a voice telling him, (A person who kill somebody who suppose to help him will not get help in the day of need), and the man died after confessing

Conclusion: Do not attract the rot of God because if God is after you, you have no where to hide! Do to others what you would have want them to do for you. 2020 is about to end, two days after today! Do not cross over 2021 with old disgusting life! Still, Remember the promise you made jurying pandemic lockdown when you think that the world is coming to an end. (A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, and a rod for the backs of fools!) Let this not be you.

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  1. This post as so many created by you, Divine-Royalty, is a masterpiece. Although this essay has many profound meanings, I will proffer 1: Your essay is another Gem of priceless value that compliments “The Introduction to Psychology” and “Psychology 101.”

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  2. Great article once again and a good reminder that we are all under the watchful eye of God! The tyrant in your story found out as many who choose his attitude the day comes that what goes around comes round and we are repaid in full by the hand of God! (Obadiah 15). Blessings to you this day.

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