Quotes of the day

1. Real Christmas is to cherish peace,love & goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy & to let Christ born or reborn in you.-~”Divine-Royalty”

2. Those who suffer much pain, hardship and insult are more desperate to succeed than those who never did. ~”by Divine-Royalty”

3. When your mind is empowered with energy, you will do imaginable things.~”Divine-Royalty”

4. Impossibility is nothing, When you say that you can and mean it. ~“Divine-Royalty”

5. Get ready to expire, if get tired of reading books.~”Divine-Royalty”

6. Some seduction take years to achieve it’s goal. Imagine what you will look like when God turn his back on you.~”DivineRoyalty”

7. Gold and aluminium are serving a purpose. Gold is expensive, but always remember that you are expensive than Gold.~”Divine-Royalty”

8. Don’t be too Spiritual to be earthly useless and don’t be too early value to be Spiritual useless.~”Divine-Royalty”

9. Character is the foundational pillar of beauty because no structure can stand without pillar.~”Divine-Royalty”

10. You have no reason not to be a philanthropist, if not, stinginess is on the play_”Divine-Royalty”

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