“Good character is like a golden necklace, you become prettier when you wear it” by “Divine-Royalty”

Character is the foundational pillar of beauty because no structure can stand without pillar. I discovered that character is given more priority and attention than beauty and handsomeness, though’ true beauty is beauty that comes from the inside, not the outside. That does not take away that there are outward beautiful people but their character determine how well!

The annoying truth is that we takes less time to judge someone based on their beauty and attractiveness than it is to judge their character. That is why you see some people only date “hot girls” or “hot guys,” because even though character builds the foundation of love and compatibility, it’s just easier to like what you see and gamble on whether or not that person is any good for them. “It has deversitated many family as well, when they meet with sex expert” they become myopic that they search the world around them and see no Queen or King than the person they got married to, is that why many actors, actresses and most celebrities is considering plastic surgery in quest of beauty, which is influencing our world today as they occupy social media.

The word “character” is defined as the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves. A person’s character is their set of qualities that make him or her different from other people, it’s their nature or outlook on life, their thoughts, intentions, desires, as well as, their actions. Our heroes, whether they are movie stars or political, military, or biblical personalities, etc, have all demonstrated a certain degree of character.

Daniel was a prince as an Israelite captive. Joseph rose to prominence even though he was imprisoned for thirteen years. Arnold Schwarznegger became a world-famous bodybuilder and movie star, and has a desire for politics. Jessie Ventura was a famous wrestler and movie star, and went on to become a governor. These people and others like them have tenacity; they work hard at their craft; they develop a boldness that exudes confidence in others.

We often envy and idolize our heroes. The primary difference between our heroes and us is that our heroes has pest their own character and as we look unto them. Let us not be fully adopt what they pest but the positive ones about them We’re shallow by nature, on top of that, we’re living in society where people are most obsessed with physical beauty, Physical Beauty is the physical display of traits that signify good genes. A beautiful face, nice hair, nice legs, perfect teeth, flat Tommy, heavy weight breast and boms. Well, all indicate good healthy genes. But that doesn’t mean that we have to be ruled by our instincts, a person’s true beauty is determine by his or her character, nature and personality.

Human brain is wired like that, to draw conclusions from one’s appearance. We tend to associate particular behavioural characteristics to certain physical features. If one is aesthetically pleasing we come up with this conclusion that they may be beautiful on the inside too, similar way, if we come across a person with unpolished or crooked look, we pass him/her off as a rude person. Why do you think we feel apprehension to approach a person who looks like a terrorist? It will take time to know a person in depth, so when we see a person for the first time we judge him/her by looks or the way they carry themselves. All these prejudice occurs almost instinctively. Sometimes it happens in work too, if the applicant is visually pleasing and attractive, employers will give that person a job rather than the person that qualifies and deserves the position.

We are still animals, and we can become visually stimulated by a person and think that is on the same playing field as the content of someone’s character. In result, people will strive for being attractive and feel depressed when they don’t think they are.

Your character is the mirror that reviews you. True beauty is from the inside out. And, this kind of beauty shines brightly for all to see, and impacts those around them. The devil doesn’t care if you go to church or read your bible, as long as you DON’T APPLY THE WORD to your life. Thousands go to church every Sunday. They sing in the choir. They serve as leaders in the church. They stand at the door as door greeters and they shout and jump with the best of them. They know every phrase to sound like a Christian, “Hallelujah!” “Praise the Lord!” “Glory to God!” Titus 1:16, however, warns us, “They claim to know God, but by their actions, they deny Him…” As i said before, the word “character” is defined as the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves. A person’s character is their set of qualities that make him or her different from other people, it’s their nature or outlook on life, their thoughts, intentions, desires, as well as, their actions.

Godly character should be consistently manifested in the life of every believer, if Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. There is a word for people who boast about their Christianity and the moral standards they have, but they do just the opposite of what’s in God’s Word. The word is “hypocrite”. We wouldn’t have to mention all the time that we are a Christian if we just acted like one most of the time. Brothers and sisters, our character matters to God. The latter part of Titus 1:16 says that hypocrites are, “…detestable, disobedient, and unfit for any good deed.” A person’s character is shown by their actions on a daily basis – not where they sit on Sundaymorning.

Going to church on Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. Every believer should continually, 24/7 practice Christian virtues, control their thought-life, guard their heart, and watch the company they keep.

Romans 5:4 says, “And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation.” Don’t let your lips and your actions preach two different messages. DO NOT BE DECEIVED. GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING. His Word says: “No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other…” Matt. 6:24. No matter what you may have believed, your character does matter to God. And it reveals who you are to people.

Fly unlimited champ!


  1. I just scanned because of the length but I agree with what I read. Beauty at 24 or 36 or 40 is not what marriages can be built on. That demands character. One trait of which is commitment and keeping one’s word.

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  2. You are so right how sadly too many look at what they see,and miss who a person really is by their talents and skills. The outward appearance is always superficial compared to who a person truly is. Even God does not look on our outward appearance,but looks on the heart. ( 1 Samuel 16:7).Another good writing. Be Blessed.

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  3. I see you have been over to check several of my posts. Thank you. Especially thanks for leaving likes. That’s the only way I can check back. Blessings on your blog as you bless and help others.


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