U.S Election 2016-2020

See Obama’s legacy to the civilised world. It took him 4 years to perfect it. Trump took them by surprise in 2016 by beating Hilary Clinton contrary to all predictions so they spent the next four years perfecting their high tech rigging techniques. It is called DEEP STATE!

*All the big tech and polling companies are on the side of this incoming reign of darkness.
*Every major media house around the world is against Trump because they are all in it together.
*Those that want to see men marry their fellow men are against Trump.
*Even the Church is against Trump because he is a man of truth and action.

Its proven, Truth and Righteousness alone no longer save the just. Trump is like Biafra. The world knows the truth but prefer the lies.

Now you see how they managed to keep recycling impostors as the president of Nigeria. Once they bought over the media, it was game over but God is on the throne. History as we know, will always vindicate the just.

By Mazi Nnamdi Kanu


  1. You said it!!!!! *Even the Church is against Trump because he is a man of truth and action. Trump is not afraid and does not have the spirit of fear! He shows many of the christian values this nation needs although they love their ungodly ways like abortion and the LGBTQ agenda. By seeing obama so close to Trumps running mate it is obvious he is just waiting in the wings thinking his presidentcy will continue through his buddy joe. Your right God is on the throne and He alone will bring to pass what we need within His will and not ours. Excellent post once again! God Bless you and God Bless America.

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  2. “Trump lost to Bident
    like Trump won from Hillary
    the games in politics continues
    Abraham Lincoln was fair to blacks
    he freed them from slavery
    no other president had the bravery
    to pay blacks through reparation for slavery
    blacks with knowledge of history
    don’t give a dawn who is president
    blacks in American learnt how to survive and conquer.”

    By: Van Prince

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