1. The different between a motivator and an inspirer is that an inspirer share information but a motivator quickens your spirit to do the impossible._“DivineRoyalty”

2. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. It is God that rewards not human judgement _ “Divine-Royalty”

3. Night sleep is not good for you in a time of battle! Remember that it’s in the night that great battles are championed

4. Your struggle is part of your story. Be a histry maker

5. You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

6. Your results are a mirror of your effort. If it get tough, become tougher. By “Divine-Royalty”

7. Lion and sheep does not have the same mindset, Lions are leaders, sheeps is a followers.

8. Those who are looking for free things, who are ignoring their responsibility will always adapt to unpleasant conditions_”Divine-Royalty”

9. Your character may delay your blessing, good character can pave way, be humble and strive for peace_

10. Those who are looking for quantity loses quality and those who are looking for quality catches Excellency.

11. There is a prize for greatness. If you are not ready for the prizes, know that you are not ready to be great_”Divine-Royalty”

12. Management is a biggest challenge of African and a willing to change becomes difficult_”Divine-Royalty”

13. Exploits announces the warriors._”Divine-Royalty”

14. Self-discipline does not mean limiting yourself. It’s ability to make a decision and take action. by

15. There is expiring date for every monster, terrorizing people_Divine-Royalty”


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