1. Those who hate knowledge are lovers of ignorant. They enjoy doing stupid things _”Divine-Royalty”

2. The departure of the grace is the arrival of the stiffness_By #Divine-Royalty#

3. Your lack of sympathy has destroyed many people, Love is the answer to every question. By #Divine-Royalty#

4. No matter how bad your mouth smells. You still hate the bad smells of others than yours._”Divine-Royalty”

5. Every wise man knows there’s a place called tomorrow. They confront chalchallenges/troubles differently_”Divine-Royalty”

6. Your ignorant can limit your grace. Grace need Wisdom and hard work to prosper._”Divine-Royalty”

7. The different between what you do before and what you are doing now is how we do it. Awkwardness is a choice, Excellency is a choice.

8. You can not be too rude and expect things to working very well, Apply strategy that will keep grace at work.

9. No one deserves Love! Love is not giving on merit. But it is a must_

10. You can’t Love by mouth, but by act. Love take muscle to demonstrate_

11. You are a good person, but the only place you failed is that you finding it difficult to say, “I am sorry”_”Divine-Royalty”

12. Those who copy others full time will soon expire, but genuine will continually unleashing their treasure._”Divine-Royalty”

13. Mediocre sees champions as treat, and go after them with the weapon called jealousy and envy. Attack them with castigation, but later cover their face in shame._”Divine-Royalty”


  1. Your quotes of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
    are bigger than any city
    as you manifest quote-after-quote with poetic capacity!!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Your first quote is supreme explanation of a fool……Great observation! Only fools hate knowledge and sadly foolishness is the only wisdom they cling to. Keep up the good writing. Blessings.

    Liked by 2 people

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