Many people find it hard to trust other people so they put up walls instead of trying to build connections. Your walls are high because you’re tired. Tired of believing and giving and following your heart only to end up hurt or alone. You’re tired of trying to mend your heart with people who only break it. You’re tired of opening up only to get rejected. You’re tired of thinking that this time it will be different only to be more of the same. This can also lead to social anxiety and numerous problems in relationships. People who fall into this category display many of the following traits:

• They see others as being unconnected, different and separate from them.

• They constantly worry about what other people think of them – and they expect to be judged in a negative way.

• When they meet someone for the first time, they obsess over creating the right impression rather than forming a meaningful connection.

• They hold back from sharing their thoughts, views and anything personal about themselves until they feel really safe with people they don’t know.

• They are slow at giving others their trust. They will only do this once the person has proven to them that they are worthy of being given that trust.

• They are slow to warm up to people, and to feel comfortable and at ease around them.

• They tend to present a false front, and wear a mask, when they’re around other people. This is different from how they act when they’re on their own (or when they’re with close friends and family).

• They tend to see the world as a cold, unfriendly place where you constantly have to watch your back – as people are malicious, are likely to hurt you, will take advantage of you, and rip you off.

• Because of that, you constantly question others’ motives and intentions – as you can’t be sure that they won’t do you harm.

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  1. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and put up a wall from those who were placed before us for a reason,and sometimes it’s too late to get that back. May we learn not everyone has an alternative motive and learn to give others a chance.It’s difficult but needful to build great relationships. God Bless You.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I definitely see some of these traits in myself at different times. I think trust is a very difficult thing to judge. I’ve often found myself quick to trust and open up to people I’ve only recently met. But it think some things are better suited to be shared with close friends and family. Not withheld, but because the interaction might be awkward when you don’t know someone will enough, yet.

    I’m working on some of these things this year, to be be more open to where God is leading me and what he wants me to do.

    Peace to you, my friend, and God bless.

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