1. People and relationships that undermine and hurt you. If you don’t stop them, they will stop you and force you to be a monster
  2. Negative and critical self-talk. Focusing on negative thoughts may lead to decreased motivation as well as greater feelings of helplessness. This type of critical inner dialogue has even been linked to depression, so it’s definitely something to fix. Those who find themselves frequently engaging in negative self-talk tend to be more stressed.
  3. A cluttered and disorganized life. All of this clutter, physical and mental, can interrupt your flow, both your ability to move and your ability to think. It turns out that your well-being could also become victim to what we might call the “clutter effect.”
  4. Procrastinating and always running late. Procrastination is a smooth operator, smart in instructor and smart adviser. Combination of procrastination and laziness has send many people to the graveyard unfulfilled. (Keep motivators and quit drainers)
  5. Pressure to conform and fit in with the crowd. To find true happiness we must be true to ourselves, live our own dreams, and be proud of what makes us unique instead of feeling the pressure to follow the crowd.
  6. The fear of change, or what’s new and different. One of the common problem that prevents people from even expressing an interest in trying a new way of getting things done is that they feel guilty. They might ask themselves, “Why do I deserve an increase in flexibility and discretion?” Failing to find a good answer, nothing changes.
  7. Working too hard and not making time for things, people, activities and hobbies you enjoy. You need rest to refresh, You need time off from work to reframe and refocus. If your work schedule is so hectic that you have no time left at all for any of your hobbies, your imagination will simply dry up. If you keep on working on your projects without leaving time and space for incubation, you will not come up with any novel ideas.

Finally, you should be done worrying about what others think about you and focus on the things you deeply care about. You don’t need permission or approval to be your authentic self.

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  1. This post isnot only informative, but it is a guide to erase peer pressure that is tailored
    for you to be what others want you to be other than yourself who you are!

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  2. The whole post is just AWESOME from top to bottom
    But my favourite is the first and last
    We should not be stuck with people of situations because badhti ka naam hai zindagi 😊
    You should walk out of the place where u feel undervalued
    And the last one is very true that we should not push ourselves so hard that we forget about our hobbies/passions or doing those small small things that brings a smile on our faces.
    Thank you for enlightening us!!
    Keel writing
    Keep sharing

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