“Confidence is a trigger to be a Champ”_ “Divine-Royalty”

To be confidence is to stir up the lion heart in you, but it’s not always easy especially when when you are suffering from self-criticism or when people are talking you down! But In order to achieve any goal you have set, you need to be thick skin and commit yourself whole-heartedly to it and your ability to identify your limiting step is one of the best demonstrations of your intelligence and a set towards building self-confidence. Your capacity to eliminate this limiting step is one of the best demonstrations of your overall competence in achieving anything you want.

It’s not always easy to be confident in yourself, particularly if you’re naturally self-critical, or if other people put you down. But gaining confidence is the medicine that eliminate self-criticism, and destroying anxiety is the solution to improving your life and well-being.

Try to identify the triggers that have caused you to feel bad, or have undermined your value. List as many as you possibly can because, before you recover, you have to discover

List of all your strengths and your positive traits. If you can, get a trusted friend to help you with this. When I talk about a friend, understand that it is iron that sharpens iron, wood can’t! So a good friend motivate, inspire and push each other up!

People who lack confidence have difficulty sharing ideas, speaking up for what they want or need, initiating conversation, tackling challenging projects, or undertaking anything that appears risky or potentially embarassing. They don’t lack the intellect, ability, or even the desire to be successful. They simply don’t feel capable or empowered and therefore hold themselves back from taking action. Their driving motivators are fear and self-doubt.

We all start from different places, and all have different weaknesses. Change is possible for you – though it may take work and time. Impossible is a suggestion to men with little mind but for men with great character, impossibly is nothing

Think of who you want to be, and then formulate a plan. Start by taking baby steps as this helps build confidence. The easiest way to overcome fear is to face it and the best time to start is now!Confidence grows exponentially. As you succeed in one small area, you will feel more confident in general and can tackle more low confidence areas of your life. But it does take consistent practice and allowing yourself to feel some discomfort and fear. Over time, your confidence will grow larger than your fears and doubts. And the evidence will be clear in the amazing changes you see over the year in your finances, your career, your relationships, and your life!

Notice your successes, and be proud of how you’re changing. Then use this as a springboard to develop further changes. “Success is not something that happens to you, it’s something that happens because of you and the actions you take.

We all admires a self-confident person. We may even envy them! Self-confident people seem at ease with themselves and their work. They invite trust, motivate and inspire confidence in others. Permit me to say, that should be you!

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