Once upon a time, i was confused, rejected and frustrated. The people that gave me the mantle of leadership to the top suddenly and politically remove their ladder. It is because of grace exploration when the enemies of growth plan to frustrate me. They were not comfortable with the level of my success in the ministry, the leaders collaborated and went to the parish priest and lied against me and went on and convince the church Fellowship members about their lies. It was to me like what i do see in the movie, to an extent, no one want to give me a listening ear, neither due anyone be of a courage. The most tragedy is those i think to be friends are sycophancies and dangerous brethren, they scream at me a bandit, I was wounded, down casted, blackmail, scandalized and bruised.

I have always wondered why another person’s progress should give me sleepless night when I also have the opportunity to succeed in my own profession. To sit in the corner and wish another person evil is one of the must stupid things to do in life. Nobody’s rising can affect my own rising because the sky is too wide for two birds to collide! Succeed in your own lane while I succeed in mine. Jealousy and backbiting is a lazy man’s profession” and no man has ever stand tall by bringing another down. It may seem to be working at first but tragedy is the result at the end.

I am not writing this to defend any issue, but as a Coach and Protagonist who want impact knowledge and encourage young ministers who may like or inspired by my work for growth. I was trained by a fearless man of God who are focused with clarity of purpose, and by the grace of God a humble and well known minister before coming to Emirates where few people get to know me because the sun raises not to be mediocre but to shine. I have paid prize but in a humble word i have not started. When you see someone who is manifesting the power of God glory never think it cheap, anointing is not cheap, know that in every great thing there is a prize.

The most interesting thing is that those who war against me is those i trained and push up by the grace of God, and with the effort some other great minister who has come and gone because of their character assassination. The gathering is two year older than me and when i arrived in 2007. Many of them are under my mentorship but ingrate will not allow them to give you credit, of which i don’t need such a self-glory. To God be the glory and I am not surprise!

When Jealousy graduated, it will come up with envy, hatred and onslaught. Have you ever ask yourself, why is my heart glad or why are some people happy when things is not well with others? OR why am I filling bad when things is going well with others? What Spirit is leading you? I have wondered why some people will see some ones success and be having night meal over that. The universe is too wide for two people to collide.

Is that why, David after defeating Goliath and cutting off his head, David turned to be a celebrity in Israel. The people were in great jubilation. When the men were returning home, the women came out from all the towns of Israel to meet King Saul singing and dancing, with joyful songs and with tambourines and lutes. As they danced, they sang, “Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands.” Instead Soul will rejoice know that the victory of David is for them all, the celebration was given him heart attack. And little did those celebrating know they were pitching Saul over David and were sowing seeds that would trigger jealousy and hatred in Saul against David. Saul was very angry, (but why?) this refrain galled him. “They have credited David with tens of thousands,” he thought, “but me with only thousands. What more can he get but the kingdom?” And from that time on Saul kept a jealous eye on David.

Who exactly is a hater? A hater is someone who is jealous and envious of you. Which means, jealousy and envy goes before hatred? A hater spends all their time trying to make you look small so they can stand tall. They are bitter people to say the least who are extremely threatened by the success of other people. When you make your mark, you will always attract haters because your success reminds them of their own failure. But don’t be afraid, God says, He has prepare a banquet for you in the presence of your enemy

Church cannot save you but church is of a great significance and plays a great role for those who have a ministry or potential to unleash for the kingdom. You can’t just jump from the tree and expect everyone to start following you without knowing your source like your parental church or a legend mentor. Some men/women who dedicate themselves to evil have used such a strategy to deceive many. I am a Pentecostal Catholic, a Charismatic and a Christian with a demonstration of the Spirit power not just a religious man. Don’t substitute to church member and neglect the finished sacrificial work of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sin, so you must be born again!


For many of the disciples, the call of Jesus was providential while they were going about their daily routine of living. One day as Peter and Andrew, James and John were fishing, He simply said, “Follow Me.” With no explanation as to where He was going, or what He was doing, the call came to them. They left their nets and followed. In a similar way Matthew left his as a tax collector, as did others from other occupations. Many ministers of God where also call as the mention above but left following example Jesus set and keep pursuing shadow, while some lave their track and choose to be imitator, but your imitation is your limitation!.

How often have you wake-up in the morning and do your brief 30 minutes prayer and wand to solve the problem of mankind for hours? The bible said In Mark Chapter 1 verses 12 and 13, before his ministry started, that He goes off to the desert and spends forty days alone with God” prays.
Then his ministry launches. In the same Chapter, in verse 35 it says: Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus withdrew to a solitary place to be alone with God and pray. What is Jesus trying to impact in his followers? Ministry with God not ministry with men! Dear ministers of God. Stop pleasing men. Your potential will attract men of good will for you.

Division of labour: When the minister has to visit every sick person, the wedded, and funeral and make regular house calls, attend every meeting, and lead every bible study or group, he or she becomes incapable of doing almost anything else. Your Private Prayer is more important than praying with the group. It is the time to generate insight from God the CEO of the call and ministry, and when you lack it, everything becomes seek; Message preparation falls to the side, and imbalance diet.

Many ministers of God are people-pleasers. Wanting not to disappoint people fuels conflict within leaders, people want you to care for them, and you hate to disappoint them. In some respect, over care establishes classic co-dependency. The congregation relies on the minister for all of its care needs, and the minister relies on the congregation to provide their sense of worth and fulfilment, no more direction from God the CEO.

Many congregations define the success of their leader according to how available, likeable and friendly the Minister is. It’s as though churches want a puppy, not a minister. Since when did that become the criteria for effective Christian leadership? By that standard, Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, the Apostle Paul and perhaps even Jesus failed the test.

The goal of Christian leadership is to lead, not to be liked. That’s no excuse for being insensitive, but still, leadership requires that at times, you need to do what’s best, not what people want. If a ministry or church is going to grow, congregations have to let go of the expectation that the Minister or leader will be available for every medical emergency, every twist and turn in their lives, every family celebration and every crisis. That’s a tough sell for many congregations, but if a church is going to grow, it has to happen.

So how do you deal with this? Have the courage to shift care and some of the assignment to the members of the church and ministry so that your thinking time, study time and prayer time will not be tampered with. And the bible said because of miracle, signs, and wonders that are happening in their mist, they keep on increasing in their number. You need POWER!


All men of action are dreamers “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work, also prepare yourself for obstacle which i call “ADVERSITY” If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there. Nelson Mandela said, i never lose, I either win or learn.

I view life as a continuous celebration of growth, and I intend this as a message to help us open our eyes and become aware of why things happen to us. It’s essential that we learn to convert hard times into reflective moments, so we can find the lessons in every moment of adversity. When negative moments occur, the feelings of pain, sadness or anger can contaminate the way we feel about everything in our lives. These emotions are perfectly natural and human, and it’s both unavoidable and necessary that we all experience unhappy moments in our lives. But that doesn’t mean we have to linger on our sadness, and even less that we shouldn’t learn from the inevitable adversity. We should be grateful for these “dreadful” moments, because they provide us with clarity.

Think about it. Our lives are journeys, and every single day we have the opportunity to learn and improve ourselves on the road to achieving our goals. That’s the power within each and every one of us. But if we allow those hard times to alter our course, we will never reach our full potential. I was thinking that people are troubling me then, and if you predict for me that I will be an author, I will call you fake, but the muscle of the adversity manifest the author in me!

Fly unlimited.


  1. Two passages came to mind immediately as I read this wonderful work of one who suffers persecution after being called to do the Lords work. The first is how even today those who are born of the spirit are persecuted by those who are still in the world (flesh).(Galatians 4:29) and be the other being how Paul says plainly he does not seek to please men,but to only be the servant of Christ.(Galatians 1:10-12). You are very good teacher and I enjoy the truth of your writings. God Bless your ministry.


  2. If we clamber over others, using them to push ourselves up without their permission, we will always fall. As you say, maybe not to begin with, but eventually. Consent is important, and we can rise far higher together than on our own. Like a sports team, the sum of all players strengths can be greater than each player individually.

    God is the ultimate team-mate, providing what we need, when we need it, if we only take time in prayer to ask. We are all called to minister to each other. Maybe not in an official pastoral capacity, but definitely to lead each other to walk closer with Christ.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement. 😊

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