There Is A Place Called Tomorrow

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the ‘present.’”– Bil Keane

Tomorrow is pregnant, who knows the package it hold? Stop building a wall and start building bridge! The wall will hinder you from crossing over but the bridge will help you to crossover. Be a good life manager! You are created to take a dominion, in other words, to manage life not life to manage you!

Don’t allow memories of yesterday to imprison and immobilize you. Tomorrow is an opportunity to turn defeat into victory and failure into success. There is a place called tomorrow, where hope lives and yesterday’s mistakes are buried. Tomorrow is that place where yesterday becomes history, and today a brand new slate to begin again.

He/she who is wise, listing to wisdom because it is mightier than strength! Life will not give you what you want but want you deserve, in whatever you are doing in this live, always remember that there is a place called tomorrow!

A man tell his story

My name is KOFI AMOAH, I own a company, none of my staff knew me as the owner except the Manager and the Secretary. (I had told them not to disclose my identity).

I don’t usually go for a visit.

One day, I visited the company and I saw my Ex wife, who had thrown me out of my own house. I asked the Manager and he said she is one of their staff.

I instructed the Manager to promote her to Personnel Officer, gave her a car, a bungalow, garden boy, security and other emoluments. An undeserved position though, of which he did.

A month later, I went there as a job seeker. As soon as she saw me with my application and CV, she rejected me outright, threw my application at my face, and immediately retrieved it from the floor and tore it to pieces and threw it into the waste bin. After regaling me with all my past, she informed me I would never get employment nor an opportunity at the company. Also, she swore on heaven and the earth that all this would happen. She boldly declared that the only way I’d get employment at the company was over her cold dead body.

I came the following day with another application and went on my knees to beg her, but she refused and spat into the waste bin and said even if I was the only bridge to cross to come to work, she would opt for a boat and called the security men to throw me out, so I left.

On Monday, I went to the company in my real identity and entered her office with the Manager who introduced me to her, she quickly knelt down crying and begging me, “the proposed rejected bridge.” She informed me that her entire family depended on her for survival. If her employment was terminated, she added, life would be absolutely horrendous not only for her but also her entire family. She even promised to remarry me.

We both stood there motionless and speechless which left the Manager befuddled.

Many things started racing in my head. Should I call for the police? Should I strip her of her current position to her former position? Should I cancel the unqualified benefits given to her? Should I accept such a woman back?

I’m still standing at her office indecisive.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?


Whenever you are dealing with people, you must always remember that there is tomorrow and you might néed them tomorrow. You may end up needing help from the people who are asking for your help today, so help as much as you can.

Life is like a moving wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Sometimes we destroy the bridges that we might need to help us cross back tomorrow. Sometimes we treat people as though there is never going to be tomorrow. We sometimes act as though we will never need help from anyone. Remember there’s tomorrow.

Joseph helped the cupbearer in prison and later the cupbearer connected Joseph with Pharaoh. Imagine how Portiphar’s wife felt when she heard that Joseph was now the Governor of Egypt, after she had falsely accused him. The brother who sold Joseph away ended up being fed by him. Don’t ever think of going to the extreme with your offenders, they might be rescuers tomorrow. Always remember that there is tomorrow and it will surely come.

The little help you give to people today, will profit you tomorrow.
May the good Lord touch your heart to live your life knowing that there is tomorrow.

In Everything You Do, Always Remember That,There Is Tomorrow.

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    • I guess we can put walls up because we think we are protecting ourselves when really we are keeping people out, keeping God out. If we’ve been hurt this can be a natural reaction. However, we must be ready to let our guard down, slowly if we feel we need to for our own wellbeing, espwcially when it comes to a relationship with God. I can only speak from my experience, but when I give my worries and fears and anxiety to God, I have more energy to work hard in what matters.

      I hope this goes some way to answering your very thoughtful question. I apologise for it being a bit all over the place as it’s bed time for me here! Go well into tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful post! Thank God there is a tomorrow! Tomorrows are a blessing for the simple fact they are full of possibilities.I would like to write like you with such motivation….such a gift you have. Be Blessed always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You can’t just admire me if there is no similarity of gift! People love and marry who they are. Believe me you can do more than me if you take responsibility. Not withstanding’ but your blog is amazing 😉

      A flamboyant blessings


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