The weight of false humility

When the demon of so called superiority is at war against so called inferiority or when power becomes corrupt to dehumanize the less-privilege, they have no option than to say in false humility and false humility is when someone is bleeding or dying inwardly, and refuses to react. Maybe to avoid getting killed or because he/she is targeting to get something beneficially, not because he/she is comfortable with the bad condition.

Crying out is human response to sorrow, sad moment and frustration, it is a signal of how we feel, and this can promote an empathetic response and an emotional connection. Crying out after getting pulled over can be a way to provoke a specific reaction that works in our favour. It also seems to have an important social function to reduce aggression from others in conflict situations especially where there is political b-r-o-u-h-a-h-a!. ‘Martin Lutter King Jr said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’.

We often think the more someone demeans themselves, the humbler they are. This is a false humility. Self-rejection has nothing to do with humility and it is overweighting, it will work overtime to remain hidden, using religious practices or Scriptures out of context to keep from exposing the fact that millions believe its lies. Can we have enough courage to admit that what we often call humility is really a work of self-hate and self-rejection? Do not let anybody to put you in a state of self-hate because you want to be seeing as Mr/Mrs humble. I am not encouraging arrogant but when you enter the prison false humility, you will understand that the weight will convert you to falsehood of who you are! And when you are not manifesting your original self, it is like committing suicide.

Of course, bringing up this issue can cause a lot of kickback because of what it confronts in people’s hearts. It takes a true humble heart to discern self-rejection, because if someone else tries to point it out, it often does not go very well. Defence mechanisms will kick up!
We all have experiences of being around people who were genuinely filled with pride and arrogance. We then sought to avoid being prideful at all costs, but it often landed in a pit of self-rejection. When you don’t like yourself, you can be drawn to people who beat themselves up while calling it humility. Dogging on who you are is false humility and counterfeit. Remember when you hate your brother, is on like hating yourself. You can’t run away from who you are!


Martin Luther King’s leadership of the civil-rights movements was infused with his beliefs and values, but it also tested and required his courageous spirit — the willingness to face the anger, hatred, death threats and continuous persecution by people in authority (whether they should have had authority is another question.) Yet he continued to support (peacefully) the changes he believed were right and necessary, even though he knew that it increased the possibility of violent attack on his person by people in and out of government. Is this question real? Come on, know your history.
MARTIN Luther King Jr.’s historic work on behalf of civil rights for all Americans was grounded in deep religious and moral beliefs. Less appreciated and acknowledged is the courage of his convictions. King, who would have been 82 on Saturday, was gunned down at age 39 as he stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. He was in the city in support of striking sanitation workers.

By many accounts, he was exhausted and distracted by the violence stirred by a march a few days before his death. His “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech would be read later as full of weary premonitions. Elected and community leaders put themselves and their values before the world and suffer the consequences, from finger-pointing rants at lecterns in open meetings to the rancid prattle of anonymous venter’s on comment lines. As we have been brutally reminded, our leaders can be focal points for physical attacks stirred by all manner of irrational motivations.

King dared to challenge deeply rooted social and economic values. He was steeped in theology, and the Baptist minister could preach a sermon, but he took those teachings out of the pulpit and into the streets, for the betterment of all. King was only 26 years old when he joined the bus boycott after the arrest of Rosa Parks in Montgomery, Ala., where he lived. He became the official spokesman for the boycott. Subsequently, King’s house was bombed.

How many of us knew he was nearly killed when he was stabbed by an assailant in Harlem while on a speaking and book tour in 1958? That’s the same year Congress passed the first Civil Rights Act, according to a timeline of his life prepared by LSU Libraries. King was arrested numerous times as he led marches and other demonstrations. He lived a great deal of his life in the face of ugly crowds. King’s beliefs and courage prevailed. He was human, he was flawed and no doubt he was scared. His humanity never overcame his commitment to a higher purpose. In his own brave, nonviolent way, he fought the good fight.

King’s values and beliefs changed society. His faith and commitment put him at the head of the march. His courage gave others strength.

ESAU GENERATION Esau was a designing and deceitful man, and an expert hunter in the field, and Jacob was a man perfect and wise, dwelling in tents, feeding flocks and learning the instruction of the Lord and the commands of his father and mother. But Esau had no time for godly instruction. He was a self-filled man of vehement action and notoriety.

There are many in southeast of Nigeria in symbolic of Esau abandoning their brothers in tear and bloodstream moment and even become an agent to open door for the enemy to come and slaughter. ‘POWER CORRUPTION, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTION, ABSOLUTELY’ The worst offenses in government ethics, which fall under the rubric of misuse of office, include coercion of subordinates into making campaign and charitable contributions, doing work on your campaign or your house, and the like. They include coercion of subordinates into keeping quiet about unethical and illegal conduct. And worst of all, they include coercion of subordinates into committing unethical and illegal conduct themselves.

The worst offenses also include intimidation of citizens, mistreatment of government, harassing the masses with military men in the democratic partitions is a government of incumbency, and the spreading of false rumours about citizens, and worst of all, enlisting others into attempts to change citizens’ behaviour, to ruin their reputations, to make it in their interest and to no longer be involved in politics. Include his extortionate threats to silence opposition to a project he supported his attempts to punish opponents of the project when they did not submit to his extortion, and his attempts to mislead. The alleged conduct reflects an arrogance borne of the perceived protections of power and influence.”

Intimidation has become the norm in some cultures. So if they want to be an exec they learn to intimidate, without considering the impact. Intimidation from police, custom, military and power holders; Nigerian Government are a dangerous psychopath who might kill again and again and lie to everyone and international community.

When a man bleeds inwardly, it is a dangerous thing, Keeping quite is profitable but that’s not always necessarily especially when thing is going wrong — in environments where public opinion leans toward tolerance, the spiral of silence can be a way of keeping hate out of public discourse. When people with racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or otherwise prejudiced views feel that they’re in the minority, it means that oppressed cry out expressing themselves and that is democracy!

But hear me, those who are leading to making impact are those who is colour-faying this life with beauty and they are like the charming beautiful gardener that makes peoples soul blossom. If those who go before you make life so horrible to you, do you think you would have got the opportunity to get where you are now? And keeping quite over an issue like this is a false humility.

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